Best AR 15 Bipod Review – 6 Best Bipods of 2020!

The AR 15 is the most popular rifle in the US with an estimated 5 million people all over the country being in ownership of this tactical rifle. And while it is an awesome weapon on its own, the AR 15 works best when paired with accessories. And one accessory that has become a must-have for AR 15 owners is the bipod. In fact, it is almost impossible to see an AR 15 rifle without a bipod today.

So what is the secret to finding the best AR 15 bipod? This is the subject I will be tackling in this article. Therefore, you can expect useful tips on buying the best bipod for ar 15 and also reviews of the best bipods.

If you have never bought a bipod before, especially for an AR 15 finding the best from among the many bipod models available in the market can be challenging. The fact that different bipods are designed for different guns  such as ( best deer hunting rifles) does not make things any easier.

To make things even more challenging, not all ar 15 bipods will be of good quality. However, armed with the right information finding the best ar 15 bipod becomes less challenging. Your search for the best ar15 bipod needs to start somewhere, and this article is a good place to start. As a proud owner of an AR 15 myself, I have used a wide variety of AR 15 bipods. Thus, I believe I am in a good position to help you on your search for the best rifle bipod.

Quick Comparision Of Best Bipod For AR 15



Height Adjustment

Check Price

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount, 

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount, Height 8.0-12.4'

8.0" - 12.4"

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet, Center Height 8.3'-12.7'

8.3" - 12.7"

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 - 9-Inch BiPod,Black

6" - 9"

Twod Rifle Bipod CNC QD 

Twod Rifle Bipod CNC QD 6.5-9 inch Adjustable Spring Return...

6.5" - 9"

CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Bipod

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring...

6" - 9"

How To Buy The Best AR 15 Bipod

Picatinny Rail

Most AR 15 rifles come with a Picatinny rail; therefore, the bipod you settle on should be compatible with this type of rail. However, you can still purchase a bi-pod that is designed for a Picatinny rail if it comes with an adapter. Also it is advisble to choose bipod by keeping mind the lower receiver you select. If you have the best AR 15 lower receiver then you must select the bipods to complement the receiver.

Picatinny Rail

Height Adjustment

Another thing you need to consider is the leg height adjustment. The leg height adjustment varies from one bipod to another. Also, different height adjustments are suited to different shooting styles.

In this regard bipods with a leg adjustment of 6 to 9 inches, you will be restricted to bench shooting. If you want a bipod to go hunting with,

I recommend one with a height adjustment of 9 to 13 inches. But if you hunt in terrains with long vegetation or deep snow, I recommend one with a height adjustment of between 13 inches and 24 inches.


If you are a hunter weight will be another important factor to consider. The last thing you want is a heavy bipod that will slow you down. Finding a bipod that offers the right balance between durability and lightweight can be challenging. However, as you will see from the reviews, there are a good number of bipods that are both durable and lightweight.


As you have probably already guessed the other thing to consider is how durable the bipod is. The best bipod for ar 15 needs to be durable. In this regard, it needs to be made from a durable material that will serve you for a long time.

Types Of Bipods

There are three main types of bipods,

  1. Spring powered, 
  2. Twist knob and 
  3. Combination of spring powered or twist knob bipods. 

While spring powered are easy to set up, they are not ideal for use on uneven grounds.

On the other hand, twist knob bipods can be challenging to set up but work well on all kinds of surfaces including uneven surfaces.

In my opinion bipods with a combination of spring power and twist knobs are the best. These types of bipods offer you the best of both worlds.


The last thing to consider is the price. While you should never prioritize on price at the expense of the other factors highlighted above, it is still an important factor. If you are on a budget go for bipods that are reasonably priced as per your budget and needs.

6 Best AR 15 Bipods Review

Here is my list of the six best ar 15 bipods;

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount

As I already stated, I own an AR 15 rifle, which I use for target practice, hunting and everything else in between. Therefore, when it came time to buy a bipod, I knew I needed one that was both affordable and high quality. I settled on the reasonably priced UTG Tactical OP Bipod for this very reason.

The first thing I loved about this bipod is how easy it is to mount. Fitted with a disconnect mount it took me a few minutes to mount. I was impressed with the metal construction of the bipod and its solid rubber feet. The height adjustment range of between 8 and 12.4 inches that this bipod offers is also impressive. Especially, given that the bipod comes with a thumb wheel for locking the legs in place. With this wheel, I am able to set the height of the legs to any position I wish. The 50-degree angle of the legs is another thing I love about it.


    • The bipod can fit on virtually all Picatinny rails thanks to its QD level lock
    • The bipod is compatible with both Picatinny and Weaver rails
    • Retraction of leg extension is easy thanks to the finger-friendly push buttons
    • The foldable arms of the bipod make it easy to use out in the field
    • The rubberized feet of the bipod can stand on any terrain or surface
    • It is constructed using heavy duty metal and weighs 1.2 pound


    • It only swivels 20 to 25 degrees left and right
    • In some rifles, the bipod does not attach in a level manner


    • QD level lock
    • 8 to 12.4 inches height adjustment with 7 extensions
    • Swivel stud mounting kit
    • Rubberized feet
    • Foldable arms with spring tension control
    • Push buttons for leg retraction


So is this bipod worth it? Having used it for some quite some time now, I can confidently say that it is a bipod I would purchase again. However, I should state that I found this bipod to be best suited for target practice than for hunting. Nevertheless, this versatile bipod for the rifle can be used on almost all rifles; thus its awesomeness is not restricted to AR 15 owners only.

TipTop® Tactical Rifle Bipod Quicklock EZ Pivot & Pan QD

Next up on my list is the TipTop® Tactical Rifle Bipod Quicklock EZ Pivot & Pan QD. Costing almost double the price of the UTG, a lot is to be expected. Fortunately, this bipod does not disappoint. So why is this bipod relatively costlier than other bipods?

Well for starters, with leg adjustment of 7 inches to 10 inches, this bipod is ideal for firing from the prone position. Secondly, this bipod is capable of pivoting to 38 degrees. And there is more, unlike its cheaper counterparts; this bipod is capable of panning to 74 degrees. The bipod is easy to attach and detach. Also, its legs are fitted with rubber caps. This means it can stand on virtually any kind of terrain you set it upon. Most importantly, this bipod is designed to be compatible with the standard Picatinny rail.


    • The legs are foldable making it easy for you to carry your rifle with the bipod attached
    • The legs feature rubberized bases and thus can stand on a wide variety of surfaces and terrains
    • Features a black anodized finish that protects it from rusting
    • The unique design of the bipod makes it possible to mount without the need for an adaptor
    • The bipod can easily pivot and pan to 38 and 74 degrees respectively


    • It is quite pricey compared to other ar 15 bipods on the market
    • The rail attachment might be difficult to use for some people


    • 7 to 10.5-inch height adjustment
    • Rubberised leg base
    • Black anodized finish
    • Foldable legs
    • Quick Lock TM attachment


So is this bipod worth its hefty price tag? In my opinion, it is. It is able to do more than most standard bipods. In this regard, it is a great bi pod, especially for the AR 15 rifle. Additionally, it does not require any additional accessory thanks to its unique design. And the fact that it can pivot and pan adds to its appeal. Overall, this bipod is a high quality bipod that would be a good investment for any serious hunters.

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet

Before I settled on the Tactical OP Bipod with a QD Level Mount, I first toyed with the idea of buying its cheaper brother the Tactical OP Bipod with 8.3 to 12.7 inch adjustments. And while I settled on the former, I think the latter is a great bipod.

Reason number one is it comes with two locking mechanisms. Of course, this might need some getting used to, but it is still a great feature that sets this UTG bipod apart from other bipods. Something else I found to be impressive about this bipod is how fast the legs retract and extend. The legs extend using a spring loaded mechanism. However, there is a twist knob for setting the bipod up on uneven surfaces. In essence, the best thing about this bipod is that it offers you the best of both worlds. It is easy to set up, and at the same time, it can be used on uneven surfaces.


    • This bi pod is reasonably priced and is readily available in the market
    • The feet of this bipod have rubberized bases for stability
    • It is constructed using heavy duty metals and thus is a durable bipod
    • The bipod has foldable legs which can be mounted facing forward or backward
    • When folded the legs are parallel to the barrel of the gun making it easy to carry


    • Attaching swivel lugs can be difficult
    • The legs cannot accommodate heavy weights


    • Dual mounting design
    • Foldable arms
    • Spring tension control
    • 13.3-ounce weight
    • Pasi lock and Aluminium construction


A reasonable price tag and a durable construction are the hallmarks of this UTG bipod. As such, while it is one of the cheapest bipods out there it is one of the best. If you are new to bipods, this is one of the best. It is easy to set up and use and can be placed on uneven surfaces. Overall, this UTG bipod is one of the best in its price segment.

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 - 9-Inch BiPod

Another relatively pricey bipod is the S-BRM Hinged Base bipod from Harris Engineering. Weighing 13 ounces, this is one of the lightest bipods out there. Furthermore, this bipod is very well built and looks sturdy and solid. Although its legs extend from 6 to 9 inches, it is compatible with almost all guns thanks to its Picatinny mount. But what makes this a great bipod is its swivel capabilities. Its ability to swivel makes it ideal for use on rough terrains and uneven surfaces.


    • This bipod is a high-end bipod constructed from high-quality materials
    • The bipod is lightweight and will not add much to the overall weight of your gun
    • The feet have rubber pads which make them stable
    • Can be used with a wide variety of guns
    • It is great for bench rest shooting


    • This bipod is costlier than other models
    • It is not ideal for shooting in a prone position


    • 6 to 9 inches adjustment
    • 13-ounce weight
    • Tilt lock knob
    • Swivel adjustment
    • Flip up legs


For all intents and purposes; this Harris Engineering model is great for long range shooting. In fact, it is the best bipod for long range shooting on this list. Therefore, while it is not ideal for shooting in a prone position, it is a good bipod. Overall, this rather pricey bipod from Harris Engineering is worth its hefty price tag.

Twod Rifle Bipod CNC QD 6.5 - 9 inch Adjustable Spring Return Bipod

My hunting buddies and I are always exchanging accessories. That being said, I recently got to test out the Twod Rifle Bipod CNC QD 6.5 - 9-inch Adjustable Spring Return Bipod. The latter bipod proved to be a great bipod especially for my AR 15.

What I really loved about it is that it comes with an adjustable pivoting mount. What this means is that it can easily be attached and detached for almost any rifle. Additionally, this spring loaded bipod proved to be a great tool for shooting in a bench position. Its legs extend from 6.5 inches to 9 inches. Though I did not get time to test its durability, I am fairly confident that it is durable. This is because it is made from the same aluminum used to make aircraft.


    • This bipod can be mounted directly on both Picatinny and weaver rails
    • It is a durable bipod thanks to its aircraft grade aluminum construction
    • Is a spring loaded bipod meaning it is easy to set up
    • The legs can be set at various angles making it a versatile bipod
    • It is easy to use


    • The locking nut that locks in the rotation tends to get loose when in use
    • It is costlier than other bipods with similar features


    • 6.5 inch to 9 inches leg adjustment height
    • Five angle adjustable modes
    • Spring loaded
    • Aluminium construction
    • 180-degree leg rotation
    • 360 degrees mount rotation
    • 12.7-ounce weight


I was thoroughly impressed with the Twod Rifle Bipod CNC QD 6.5 - 9-inch Adjustable Spring Return Bipod. For starters, it is an easy to set up bipod and can be attached to various rifles. Also, this bipod is reasonably priced. Thus although you can get cheaper bipods with almost the same features as this, it deserves a spot on my list. Overall, this bipod can be a great bipod for both beginners and experienced shooters.

CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return

Although it is last on my list, the CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return, comes highly rated from yours truly. The steel and aluminum construction of this bipod makes it one of the most durable on the market.

But this does not mean it is heavy. In fact, it is quite lightweight weighing 10 ounces. The legs extend from 6 inches to 9 inches. The spring loaded mechanism of this bipod makes it easy to fold. The anodized finish of the bipod means that it does not rust. Inside the package is a Picatinny adapter.


    • The bipod is sturdy and reliable
    • It is compatible with both AR 10 and AR 15 rifles
    • It is made from a hardened aluminum and steel alloy making it a durable option for hunters
    • It is a lightweight bipod weighing 10 ounces


  • It is not as readily available as other bipods
  • At its price, it does not have the swivel and pivot feature


  • Spring and leg release button
  • Steel and aluminum construction
  • Five adjustable leg settings
  • Foldable arms
  • 6 to 9 inches leg extensions


Sure, the CVLIFE is not as affordable as other bipods on this list, but it’s still a good bipod to buy. Also, this bipod has been hailed as one of the best bipods on the market. It comes with a Picatinny adapter meaning that it can be used on a wide array of rifles.


The best bipod for ar 15 is one that can satisfy all your needs. In this regard, when shopping for a bipod for your rifle take note of all the things I have highlighted above. In my opinion, the bipods on this list are amongst the best. It is my hope that this best ar 15 bipod review has been of help. Also, that you will be going out to buy your very own bipod soon after reading this.

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