11 Best Arrow Rests Reviews : What Are The Best Arrow Rest Types

Arrows do not fly straight. Mechanical string releases flex arrows vertically. Finger released arrows flex to the horizontally. This phenomenon is known as the archer’s paradox. Nullifying the effects of the paradox improves accuracy. Arrow rests are the modern archer’s weapon against the paradox. So, how do you pick out the best arrow rest between various arrow rest types?

Here, we look at the various types of arrow rests, their merits and demerits, and the best performing rests under each group. I personally tried out every rest. I give not only my review of the best arrow rest but, time-tested guides to choosing a rest right for you.

The table below shows how our picks for best arrow rest fared against each other. I have reviewed the best selling/ performing whisker biscuits, drop-away rests, and bow fishing arrow rests. For the full reviews, read further down.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Top Best Arrow Rest

Best Drop Away Arrow Rest / Best Arrow Rest For Hunting


Our Rating

  • One of the Best Arrow rest for hunting , 
  • Full containment rest,
  • Stainless steel frame,
  • Very quiet, Rest lock down system,
  • Velocity drop away technology
99 %
  • Full arrow containment, 
  • Durable frame,
  • Velocity drop away system,
  • Noise reduction bumpers,
  • Adjustability to fit shorter arrows,
  • Break Away Feature
97 %
  • Full arrow containment,
  • VERY durable,
  • Almost noise free,
  • Compatible with almost all bow types,
  • Easy to setup,
  • Brake system to prevent bounce back,
  • Velocity drop away technology,
  • This HDX is another best arrow rest for hunting.
99 %
  • Very easy to set up,
  • Best for quick and quiet shots,
  • Can holds arrows for a very long time,
  • Adjustable spring tension,
  • Shock absorbing launcher blade,
  • Full fletching clearance
98 %
  • Easy to set up,
  • Full containment rest,
  • Fine Tuning,
  • Rugged metallic frame,
  • Very low-noise operations
97 %

Last update on 2020-04-06

  • Total elimination of rest bounces back, 
  • Durable,
  • Full fletching clearance,
  • Low noise,
  • 3-position adjustable arm,
  • Easy to use and setup,
  • Internal braking system
98 %
  • Great Value for the Money; if you are hunter, bow fisher.
  • Almost Noise free,
  • Bounce back elimination coil,
  • Easy To Adjust and setup,
  • Durable design,
  • Eight sided compression clamp on the lever,
  • Rubber coated containment bracket and launcher blade
99 %

Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests


Our Rating

  • Aluminum casing, 
  • Durable,
  • Full containment,
  • Nylon bushings,
  • Rubber boots for low noise arrow loading,
  • Easy To Adjust
98 %
  • Excellent arrow containment,
  • Reference marks to help with your aim,
  • Low noise,
  • Durable compact frame,
  • Reversible mount,
  • Elevation and wind-age adjustments
97 %

Best Bowfishing Arrow Rests


Our Rating

  • Quick load time,
  • solid build,
  • Easy to setup and to use,
  • Compatibility with all Cajun bows
98 %
  • Full arrow containment, 
  • Durable frame and build,
  • Easy to use and adjustment,
  • Reversible to accommodate both left and right-handed
98 %

Best Arrow Rest Types - A Comprehensive Selection Guide

First of all, there are 3 main types of arrow rests.

    • 1. Shoot through/ Prong style arrow rests.
    • 2. Capture/ Containment arrow rests.
    • 3. Drop Away/ Fall Away Arrow Rests.

The popular Whisker Biscuit is a containment arrow rest. In fact, all three classes have produced some very decent arrow rests. It is only fair that we look at everything from the lesser known Pressure Rests to the best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest out there. Let us begin by asking ourselves these two questions.

    • i. What sets a good arrow rest from the rest? ( Pun intended)
    • ii. What is the best type of arrow rest?

Do not be deceived, dear Archer. No single rest is perfect for all. What works for your hunting mate may be the worst addition to your hunting gear (Best Crossbow for deer hunting). Arrow rests are as specific as hunting techniques. Shop for a rest that matches your shooting preferences. Do not follow reviews blindly. I, in fact, recommend that you read this guide-cum-review with that in mind.

Let us look at each type of arrow rest in more detail. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, let us explore each.

1. Shoot Through/ Prong Style Arrow Rests

Shoot through arrow rests are relatively cheap. For just under $20, you can get yourself a good rest. These rests lean forward and downward when arrows are shot. This move helps clear the arrow’s path. The spring loaded rest will then return to the starting position for another shot. They are also straightforward when setting up and using.

Simplicity is their biggest seller. Being a hand bow release kind of shooter, I did not enjoy the rig. I pitted the shoot-through against my drop-down. The shoot-through felt like a fall-away down-grade.


  • 1. The horizontal slots of the prongs are perfect to accommodate vertical flexing. The rigs are, therefore, perfect for mechanical release.
  • 2. They come at very affordable prices.
  • 3. The spring loaded prongs clear the path for arrows. The reduced contact improves the arrows flight.
  • 4. The prongs are adjustable and can accommodate a wide range of arrow widths.


  • 1. They perform poorly on hand released arrows.
  • 2. Arrow contact with the prongs is reduced but still there.
  • 3. Keeping arrows on the prongs is an uphill task.

2. Containment/ Capture Arrow Rests

These rests hold the arrow in position before it is shot. Arrows do not fall away. This assurance allows hunters and marksmen to concentrate more on their aim.

The popular Whisker Biscuit is a full containment rest. Due to the Biscuit’s popularity, however, I find it necessary to discuss it on its own.

Let me just say that this rests actually tempted me to 'cheat on’ my fall-away. I used it on my stand while hunting elk. You can actually shoot straight down with these rests. In fact, I think I will buy a whisker biscuit for my best hunting tree stand.


  • Arrows are well contained and do not fall off. This feature helps you improve your aim.
  • 2. They work well with both machine and finger releases.
  • 3. They can accommodate a wide range of arrow widths.
  • 4. They greatly reduce the chances for error when shooting.


  • 1. They come in contact with arrows and may interfere with arrow flight.
  • 2. They also magnify errors in shooting technique. A reduction in speed, for example, will be more damaging to your groups when using a Capture rest than when using a Prong Style Rest.

3. Drop Away / Fall Away Rests

Fall away rests are tweaked to fall away when an arrow is released. They are more mechanical than the rest of the rests (forgive the pun). They are also more efficient than the rest of the rests according to a majority of shooters ( me included). They are my personal favorites.

Their intricate design makes them the best arrow rest for target archery.

Mechanical failure was my biggest worry when I bought a fall-away rest. It is not as common as most reviews claim. My hunting partner uses a Whisker Biscuit. My fall-away is more consistent than his Biscuit. I only experienced a problem with my rest when I was starting out as a hunter. The rest did not give way to the arrow on release. It was, however, a setting up problem. Since I learned how to set up my fall away, it has worked like a charm.


  • 1. Fall away rests have minimal contact with the arrow.
  • 2. Decent hold on the arrow. For improved holds, go for rests with deep notches.
  • 3. Falling away makes these rests excellent for both vertical and horizontal flexes.
  • 4. They improve accuracy by leaving an arrow’s flight fairly undisturbed. A Fall away is easily the best arrow rest for target shooting.


  • 1. They are very mechanical and can easily fail.
  • 2. Are noisier than their counterparts. You need to tweak them to get rid of the noise before considering them for the best arrow rest for hunting.
  • 3. Drop away arrow rest set up can be challenging.

The Whisker Biscuit

The Whisker Biscuit is a popular full containment arrow rest. It comes with bristles that enclose the arrow before it is shot. They are easy to set up. Their simplicity is their biggest challenge to Fall Aways. The rest accommodates a wide range of arrows.They, however, work best with feather fletchings. Feather fletchings do not resist the Biscuit’s bristles. The rest, therefore, lasts longer when used with arrows with feather fletchings.


  • 1. It is a full containment rig. Arrows do not fall off. They are, in fact, considered to be the best full containment arrow rests available.
  • 2. They are not mechanical. Mechanical failures are unheard of on these rests.
  • 3. They are very easy to set up.
  • 4. They afford very decent groups.
  • 5. Drop away arrow rest Vs Whisker biscuit comparisons show that the WB can go toe-to-toe with the much pricier drop away.


  • 1. Fletching contact with the bristles wears out both the fletchings and bristles. Feather fletchings protect the bristles from harmful friction.
  • 2. Contact with fletchings influences arrow trajectory.
  • 3. The groups may be decent but, still not as good as the groups offered by fall away rests. They are not the best arrow rest for target archery.

We have looked at the merits and demerits of each type of rest. Now, let us consider you as an archer. "What type of archer are you?" You need to understand your shooting preferences and find a rest that satisfies them.

If you are a hunter, what game do you hunt? Little details like this inform the choice of arrow rest. "What type of archer are you?" You should know about yourself and your shooting equipment before seeking out a rest. The question of, “what suits me?” is should come before “what is the best drop away arrow rest for hunting?”

Things To consider Before Buying Best Arrow Rest

After understanding yourself as an archer, here are requirements the rest must meet. Remember to balance these with the characteristics or traits of yours as an archer.

  1. Ease to set up.
  2. Low Noise Levels.
  3. Performance.
  4. Durability.

Ease To Set Up

The rest must be easy to set up. Not for everyone, just for you. You should be able to set it up and shoot in record time.

Ask yourself this question, if a whitetail approached your stand while you slept, would you set up and shoot before it walks away or hears you? That is exactly what a good rest should afford you. Drop away arrow rest installation is especially troublesome.

You should also consider how quick it is to set up the rest for a follow-up shot. For hunters, this will determine whether you can recover from a poorly placed shot. For the marksman, you will be able to shoot consecutively while your instincts are prime and adrenalin is high. I have always displayed poor groups every time I delay follow up shots. You can learn Where to shoot a deer with a bow for single shot kill for improving your shot placement.

If you are determined to use a new rest, learn to set it up quickly. Decreased setting up time will be very helpful in the woods.

Noise Levels

Some rests are very noisy. They, however, come with accessories to lower their noise levels. Consider the noise level.

For hunters, noise spooks away game. An elk will run away from any stands they deem to have odd noises. One thing I learned from many years of hunting is how to remain virtually soundless. It is a skill that sets apart pro-hunters from the rest of the pack.

A marksman friend of mine also tweaked his gear to have minimal noise. I found it interesting considering his targets cannot be spooked. He told me that the noise agitates him as he aims. The more silent his gear, the better his groups. Apparently, the best arrow rest for archery should also take noise levels into consideration.


Performance is critical for every Bowman. Before buying a rest, research on its performance. I will review some of the top arrow rests to help you along. Each type of arrow rest has many rests under its belt. This is why the commonly asked ‘drop away arrow rest or whisker biscuit’ question hard to answer. Both types of rests come in very many versions.

Picking out a rest type is, therefore, only the first step. If you settle for full containment, compare the performances of the best full containment arrow rests.

You should remember that each type of rest has a rest designed to suit specific scenarios. For example, there are fall away arrow rests designed for the hunt and others for the range.

Go with the best performer. The hunt will be quicker and cleaner and the groups tighter.

NB: For improved performance, use tailor made rests. The best recurve arrow rest may be the worst rest for a best compound bow for the money.


Durability is important if you want a bang for your buck purchase. A rest that lasts you a couple of decades should be very welcome. Look for stainless steel rigs. They are rust proof and last long. The best compound bow arrow rest for hunting should be both durable and versatile. Hunters take time to adjust to compound bows. Personally, my groups do not show much difference when using different recurve bows.

The situation is totally different when I change compound bows. The groups seem to have been shot by different people. The opposite seems more likely but is not. I noticed the same among my other friends.​

N.B.: Compound bows afford me tighter groups than recurve bows. What I mean is that the difference from recurve to recurve is not as pronounced as the difference across crossbows.

Rests for hunting compound bows, therefore, need to last long. Hunters do not welcome sudden changes on equipment.

V. Fit/ Synchronicity.

The arrow rest should be a perfect fit for your bow and arrow. As every archer knows, it is easier to adapt to a new rest than to a bow and arrow.

A perfect rest is one that works well with your preferred shooting equipment. No matter how well rated a rest is, overlook it if it is not compatible with your gear. If you shoot longbows, drop downs, no matter how good they are, are all but useless to you.​

This seemingly simple logic is hard to grasp for many archers. I had a friend of mine try to change up his gear to match full containment drop down rests that had just hit the market. A lot of frustration and horrible groups later, he reconsidered his stand.​

Best Arrow Rests Reviews

Here I review my findings on testing various rests. I rank the best fall away arrow rests. I also review whisker biscuits, and bowfishing rests for the die-hards who will not leave them for fall away rests. Let us begin with drop ways.

7 Best Drop Away Arrow Rests Reviews

  1. Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest.
  2. Quality Archery Designs Ultra W-QURH Rest Quad Hunter, Right.
  3. Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Right Hand.
  4. Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest.
  5. New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest (Camo, Righthand).
  6. Ripcord Fall Away Arrow Rest.
  7. Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Right Hand Microtune – Black.

Why these seven? First of all, over the years, I have tried out hundreds of rests. I have even been hired to try out and suggest improvements for many a rest.

The biggest issues with fall away rests are:

  • Cost
  • Mechanical failure

For the best drop away arrow rest, I have handpicked arrow rests with the least instances of failures. The seven rests are also fairly priced; at least as far as drop away rests go. The last factor considered was durability and versatility. These top rated drop away arrow rests are the most durable so far. They are also versatile enough to be used to hunt straight down from a tree stand (very important for me as a hunter) and, to maintain tight groups on the archery range.

1. Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest Review

I love that I tried out this rest. I have no complaints. It addresses all the issues I have had with many a drop away arrow rest, namely:

i. Dropping arrows.

ii. Too slow for some modern arrows.

What I loved most about this rest is the fact that it is a full containment rest. It is one of the few drop away arrow rest that can shoot straight down. Imagine that! The rest has the convenience of a Whisker Biscuit plus the agility of a fall away.

Finally, the HDX has a stainless steel frame. It is, therefore, durable and rust resistant. Some years back while I was still into bow fishing, I had a rest snap and break while wrestling with a big bass fish.

This rest may just help me exert my revenge on the bass.


  • 1. Velocity drop away technology keeps the rest from dropping until arrow is fired.
  • 2. Lock down technology prevents the rest from resuming its position and intercepting an arrow in flight.
  • 3. Very quiet for a drop away rest.
  • 4. It is a full containment rest.
  • 5. The stainless steel frame is very durable.
  • 6. It is compatible with many arrow and bow types.


  • 1. The clamp holding timing cord to bow cable is weak.
  • 2. The riser is thick and may pose problems to accuracy.
  • 3. Arrow Containment still needs improvement.

Special Features

  • 1. State of the art vibration management system.
  • 2. Capture bar is curved increasing compatibility with many bow types.
  • 3. Rest lock down system.
  • 4. Velocity drop away technology. ( A new technological advancement)
  • 5. Full arrow containment.
  • 6. Rust-resistant stainless steel frame.


This rest’s advantages outweigh its disadvantages by far. It affords archers very good angles and is very durable. It is one rest that I am tempted to tag as a one-fit-all rest due to its versatility. Whether bow fishing, deer hunting, or pro-archery, this rest will do you good. It is rated highly in all QAD drop away arrow rest reviews (At least the ones I have come across, which are very many in case you are wondering).

2. Quality Archery Designs Ultra W-QURH Rest Quad Hunter, Review

This rest is another QAD innovation. It works well with a wide range of arrows. Even short arrow die-hards will have their day with this rest. It is the best fall away arrow rest for short arrows. I adjusted it to accommodate arrows as short as 22-inches.

I also loved the felt on this rest’s fork. It really reduced the noise when firing. The felt is not perfect, there is still some noise but you too will appreciate the attempt. The W-QURH also has a camouflaged padding that really helps a stalking hunter. Another thing I loved with this rest is its guard. It is thin and surprisingly strong.

Another thing QAD products have always guaranteed is durability. The W-QURH is not any different. QAD compacted a lot of good in this under-50 dollar rest. Amazing price.


  • 1. Very good price.
  • 2. Full arrow containment.
  • 3. Durable frame made of high-quality rust-resistant aluminum parts.
  • 4. Accommodates arrows that are up to four inches shorter than what other drop away rests can manage.
  • 5. It is camouflaged and well padded.


  • 1. Arrow fletching still come into contact with the rest. Especially if you use fast arrows.
  • 2. It is not compatible with some popular bow types.
  • 3. There is still a bit of noise despite the felt on the fork.

Special Features

  • 1. Velocity drop away system.
  • 2. Noise dampening rubber bumpers.
  • 3. Noise reducing, laser-cut, felts.
  • 4. Adjustability to fit shorter arrows.
  • 5. Break away feature.
  • 6. Full arrow containment.
  • 7. Durable aluminum frame.


The W-QURH is easily the top drop away arrow rest as far as pricing is concerned. It boasts of the latest rest improvement technologies at a very low price. I can see the rest improving a hunt, bow fishing, and target shooting. It has a feature to accommodate each. It is a very pocket friendly rest that barely compromises on quality. I have also found out that it is among the top recommended products on most drop away arrow rest QAD customer reviews. Thousands of customers cannot be all wrong, can they?

NB: A left hand version of this rest is also available.

3.Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Review

After trying out equipment, I like to read reviews and compare how my experience with the equipment compares to other users. With the Mossy Oak, I was keener to find negative reviews. For the life of me, I could not seem to find fault with this rest. The Mossy Oak is compatible with every bow I tried it on (I tried it out on every bow in my shop).

Containment issues are usually the top QAD drop away arrow rest problems. QAD seem to have salvaged its name with this rest. The full containment feature of this rest accommodated very many angles. Picture a drop away that can maintain a direct-down aim. It is also silent and, therefore, perfect for tree stand hunting.

It is also made of very, VERY durable materials. Pricing is the only negative thing I could find with this rest. And by the way, every customer review I have read matches my experience. No one seems to find fault with this rest.


  • 1. VERY durable.
  • 2. Almost noise free.
  • 3. Curved capture bar that allows compatibility with almost all bow types.
  • 4. Very easy and quick to set up arrows.
  • 5. Perfect fletching clearance when aligned well.


  • 1. The price is a little on the high-end side.
  • 2. No left handed version yet.

Special Features

  • 1. Stainless steel, Delrin, and CNC aluminum parts.
  • 2. The curvature on capture bar for increased bow compatibility.
  • 3. Full arrow containment.
  • 4. Comes with a setup DVD to aid setting up.
  • 5. Brake system to tackle rest bounce-back.
  • 6. Harmonic dampener system for reduced noise.
  • 7. Velocity drop away technological system.


This is the rest for you if you want to have the edge over the competition. It instantly improved my groups at 55 yards from 5-inches to just over 1-inch. The durability and solid design will enable you to pull in stubborn fish, hunt deer, and still shoot up the archery range. It may be a little pricey but well worth the extra dollars. It is one of the best fall away arrow rests for hunting, bow fishing, and any other task you have for your bow and arrow. Do not let the price discourage you.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that this rest is featured on 90% of all the best drop away arrow rest reviews online. Now that tells you something about this rest!

4. Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest Review

The LimbDriver Pro V is one of those rests that can make anyone feel like a robin-hood. The rest has a containment ring that guides the arrow to a correct rise regardless of how you draw. It also allows for full fletching clearance even on my quick arrows. What really got me was the accuracy. The LimbDriver is made to improve accuracy. It may be a little pricey, but based on what it does, I think the price tag fair. My only true low moment was when I attempted a shot from my tree stand. Downward shots demand some effort on the draw, otherwise, the arrow wobbles affecting accuracy while at it.


  • 1. Very easy to set up.
  • 2. Good arrow capture.
  • 3. Allows for quick and quiet shots.
  • 4. Drop away is fast to allow fletching clearance on practically every arrow type.
  • 5. It holds arrows for a very long time.
  • 6. Adjustable spring tension that allows you to adjust the tightness of the rest.


  • 1. It is lil bit pricey but worth buying
  • 2. It does not offer full arrow containment.
  • 3. It makes arrows wobble especially when shooting downwards.

Special Features

  • 1. Shock absorbing launcher blade.
  • 2. Full fletching clearance.
  • 3. Upwards of 70% arrow cycle support for increased arrow holding capabilities.
  • 4. Very easy to set up with easily available You-Tube set up videos.
  • 5. A spring tension that enables tension adjustment.
  • 6. Tight tension adjustment screw that maintains a set level of tension.


The LimbDriver Pro V is a very well designed piece of equipment. It is made to be durable and increase accuracy. If you choose to use it on a tree stand, be sure to make full draws to prevent the arrow from wobbling. Otherwise, it is a pretty decent purchase. It beats cheaper models on almost every sphere of comparison. If you are considering the price, it is worth every extra penny.

Finally, despite it not being a full containment rest, arrow dropping was really not an issue the whole time I used it. The wobbling of arrows also reduces once you determine the right amount of pull back.

5.New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest (Camo, Righthand) Review

This rest almost disappointed me with its shoddy set up instruction manual. I am a seasoned hunter with good experience with rests. I can only imagine what the manual would do to a newbie. So, after the negative intro, how on earth did the NAP Apache make it to my top seven picks? Easy. Once set up, this rest awed me.

The rest is very silent for its price. It also comes with a solid metallic frame. I especially loved that despite the trouble setting up, adjustments were pretty easy. Adjustments are actually made by hand. I also loved that the felt covered fork comes with a felt replacement. You can easily replace a damaged one in time to draw and bring down deer before it saunters out of sight.​


  • 1. Easy to set up (if you ignore the manual and use one of the many You-Tube set up videos)
  • 2. It is a full containment rest.
  • 3. Very decent price tag.
  • 4. Fine tuning is very easy.
  • 5. Very durable rugged metallic frame.
  • 6. Adjustments do not need tools.
  • 7. Very low-noise operations.


  • 1. Very poorly written set up manual.
  • 2. Missing parts during shipping (I did not experience this, but I have heard of complaints from very trustworthy sources).
  • 3. This rest is not compatible with all bows. The mounting brake is a little too large for some bows.
  • 4. Weight is on the heavier side.

Special Features

  • 1. All round metal construction.
  • 2. Laser graduation for improved fine-tuning.
  • 3. Full arrow containment.
  • 4. 360-degree noise dampening.
  • 5. Quick operation.
  • 6. Felt covered fork for noise reduction plus replacement.


This rest is definitely a contender for the best drop away arrow rest. The low-noise operation will improve your hunting success. It holds the arrows tightly and is quick to set up and fire. I will, however, recommend that you use the setup videos on You-Tube. They will save you a lot of headaches. The accuracy is also very decent. I managed decent groups with this rest. My friend has been using it for target shooting and swore by it. All in all a worthy purchase.

N.B.: Customer service is very good in the case of missing or damaged parts. Do not let the fear of missing parts keep you from buying yourself this magnificent rest. Plus I also hear that missing parts are not as common as they used to be.

6. Ripcord Fall Away Arrow Rest Review

Last update on 2020-04-06

Let me state from the offset that this rest is America’s favorite for the very good reason. One of my favorite features is the fact that it detaches when the bow is at full draw. This detachment allows for total arrow clearance which translates to improved accuracy. The groups I managed with this rest are some of my best. 100% termination of rest bounce back is another feature that makes it a worthy contender for best drop away arrow rest.

The biggest seller, for me, however, was its fine adjusting capabilities. You can make very intricate adjustments for that perfect shot. I also found its internal noise dampener to be one of the most effective of all drop away noise cancellation mechanisms.


  • 1. Total elimination of rest bounces back.
  • 2. Very durable.
  • 3. Full fletching clearance.
  • 4. Easy micro-adjustments.
  • 5. Low noise performance.
  • 6. Consistent arrow flight thanks to its braking system.
  • 7. Versatile enough to work with MANY bows on the market.


  • 1. Very many moving parts. This translates to increased risks of mechanical failures.
  • 2. Poor installation instructions.
  • 3. A bit pricey.
  • 4. Contrary to popular belief, the rest will only fit some bows if you remove the containment arm (and why would anyone want to do that?).

Special Features

  • 1. Internal braking system.
  • 2. 3-position adjustable arm.
  • 3. ACE fine adjustment technology
  • 4. Manual Launcher lock.
  • 5. Internal noise dampeners.
  • 6. Easy setup and use.
  • 7. 100% rest bounce back termination.


The Ripcord affords arrows very accurate flights. They may be pricey, but they are America’s favorite fall away rest for a good reason. The ACE micro adjustment capability sets it apart from its closest competitors. It is a rest that rarely disappoints. Compatibility may not be universal, but it does work with all the popular bow types on the market. A final plus is the arrow clearance it affords your arrows. It works with minimal damage to arrow fetching.

7. Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Right Hand Microtune – Black Review

The Hamskea is an improvement model of the Versa rests. The Versa rests are well-proven rests. Hamskea had its work cut out as an improve. First of all, it is 20% lighter but not at the compromise of quality. I loved the fact that you can barely hear this rest drop. The speeds are excellent as is the arrow clearance. The only downside would be the price. The features it offers will, however, make you forget the pinch in your pocket.

My absolute favorite moment was when I realized there was no lateral play in my shaft. I mean totally free lateral play thanks to its zero tolerance system. It may be pricey but worth every penny!


  • 1. Barely audible movements.
  • 2. Bounce back elimination coil works perfectly.
  • 3. Easily adjustable.
  • 4. Arrow Containment works very well.
  • 5. Durable design (Improves on the durable Versa rest design).
  • 6. V- arrow rest containment ensures that the arrow is always where it should be.


  • 1. Too many moving parts increase the risk of mechanical failures.
  • 2. Does not come in camouflaged versions.

Special Features

  • 1. Zero Tolerance System to eliminate lateral play of shafts.
  • 2. Zero Drop system to allow repeated launcher placement.
  • 3. Coil on the launcher arm to prevent bounce back.
  • 4. Rubber coated containment bracket and launcher blade.
  • 5. Eight sided compression clamp on the lever.
  • 6. Spring knobs for easy micro-adjustments.


The Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Right Hand Microtune rest is not featured in many drop away arrow rest reviews. This is no way undermines its performance. It is fairly new and comes after many prototype versions. The wait was well worth it. It is better than its predecessor and beats its closest competitors on all aspects of design. The rest is a bit pricey, but, compared to the features it offers, it is well worth it.

Watch out; the Hamskea will soon be topping many a drop away rest review. If a Camo version of this rest comes out, I will crown it the best fall away arrow rest for hunting, no questions asked!

Top 2 Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests Reviews

  • 1. Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit.
  • 2. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest, Medium, Brown.

For the best Whisker Biscuits, I selected the rests that are durable, fairly priced, and do the least damage to arrow fletching. Whisker Biscuits are known to wear out their bristles and make noise when arrows are fired. The two Whisker Biscuits reviewed below offer low noise performance and will serve you for long before the bristles require replacements.

1. Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit Review

The sure shot pro is a full containment rest (as you already guessed). My biggest problem with Whisker biscuits has always been their noise when fired. I really liked the attempts to silence the noise on this rest. First of all, it has rubber boots that reduce noise levels when loading arrows. It also comes engraved with lasers. The engravings help you with your aim and when making adjustments. The biggest seller is, however, its durability. It is encased in aluminum guaranteeing you very many years of service.

It is available in three sizes so be sure to specify when ordering. Available sizes are small, medium, and large.


  • 1. Durable aluminum casing.
  • 2. Full containment.
  • 3. Reduced noise levels.
  • 4. Accuracy improved by the engraved marks for aim reference.
  • 5. It is made of nylon bushings are durable and do not bind from dust and dirt.
  • 6. Can be used for both right-hand and left-hand bows.


  • 1. It damages vanes of arrows like many whisker biscuits.
  • 2. Arrows suffer speed loss due to friction with the Biscuits bushings.

Special Features

  • 1. Nylon bushings.
  • 2. Laser engraved aim reference marks.
  • 3. Rubber boots for low noise arrow loading.
  • 4. Tool-less fine adjustments.
  • 5. Aluminum casing.


For all those Whisker Biscuit die-hards, this is the rest for you. It incorporates all the goodness of the WB with added vertical and lateral micro-adjustments. The price range is quite fair, and the nylon bushings guarantee you of durability. To prevent vane damage, try out arrows with feather fletching. You will enjoy the best of the whisker biscuit with minimal damage to arrows.

2. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest, Medium, Brown Review

This rest has a composite encased frame that makes it upwards of 1.5 times stronger than previous versions. It is the most sought after rest by bow hunters. Such popularity is a big testament to performance. It comes with most of the merits of the above sure shot pro at a much lower price tag.


  • 1. Good price range.
  • 2. Excellent arrow containment.
  • 3. Mounts on both left-hand and right-hand bows.
  • 4. Reference marks to help with your aim.
  • 5. Low noise arrow loading thanks to rubber boots.
  • 6. Durable composite frame.


  • 1. More recent versions have cast aluminum attachment arms rather than the stronger bar stock aluminum on older versions.
  • 2. It damages arrow vanes much like other WB’s
  • 3. Affects arrow speed much like other WB’s.

Special Features

  • 1. Rubber boots for silent arrow loading.
  • 2. Composite encasement for improved durability.
  • 3. Elevation and windage adjustments.
  • 4. Reversible mount that accommodates both right and left-hand bows.


This is the best whisker biscuit arrow rest as far as popularity is concerned. The price is low and accuracy improved over many other types of whisker biscuits. Though not as accurate as fall aways, this rest is definitely much cheaper. If the small discrepancy in accuracy is worth, the extra dollar is a matter of opinion. I would recommend this rest to anyone with no qualms. Its quality far surpasses its price.

Top 2 Best Bowfishing Arrow Rests Reviews

  • 1. Cajun Bowfishing Quick Draw Arrow Rest, Silver/Black.
  • 2. Fin-Finder Hydro-Glide Pro Bowfishing Arrow Rest, Black.

Let us conclude our review with the best bow fishing arrow rests. Bow fishing demands durability above all else. Wrestling with fish will break a rest if it is anything short of very strong. The rest should also be highly rust resistant. It will constantly be exposed to water and must weather the moisture without rusting that would affect functionality.

The two bow fishing rests satisfy these two important criteria. They are also very easy to set up and fire. Anyone who has ever taken part in bow fishing knows how fast fish can swim out of shooting range.

1. Cajun Bowfishing Quick Draw Arrow Rest, Silver/Black Review

This quick draw rest surprised me on how fast it was to load. It was faster than any Whisker biscuit I have tried thus far. It fully contains an arrow and is quite easy to set up and use. I do not think I will ever use a WB when bowfishing ever again. The build is solid and will comfortably withstand a wrestling fish. I also love that it has very few moving parts. Mechanical failure is not a worry with this rest.


  • 1. Quick load time.
  • 2. Good solid build guaranteed to last a long time.
  • 3. Quick retrieval capabilities.
  • 4. Rust resistant.
  • 5. Few moving parts reduce the risk of mechanical damage.
  • 6. Very low budget rest.


  • 1. Interference with arrow flight.
  • 2. Compatible with Cajun bows but not with many other bow types.
  • 3. Does not hold the arrow tight enough to allow accurate snap shots of flying carp.

Special Features

  • 1. Full containment of arrows.
  • 2. Speed up retrieval.
  • 3. Easy to setup and to use.
  • 4. Rust resistant parts.
  • 5. Compatibility with all Cajun bows.


If you are looking for a rest to make your bowfishing experience all the better, look no further. The Cajun rest is low budget rest that will do the trick. The lack of moving parts comes in handy when wrestling stubborn fish. You can twist the bow without fear of dislodging a part. All in all, it is a very good bowfishing rest for any price.

2. Fin-Finder Hydro Glide Pro Bowfishing Arrow Rest, Black Review

The Hydro Glide pro is hands down the best bowfishing arrow rest I have ever tried. Tastes may vary, but you will doubtlessly agree with me that this arrow rest is worth more than it goes for. It boasts of aluminum and stainless steel parts that make it very durable. It is a full containment rest, and I absolutely loved its narrow arrow channel (Teflon). Accuracy was quick and setting up quite easy.


  • 1. Durable frame and build.
  • 2. Micro-adjustments can be made without the use of tools.
  • 3. Rust resistant despite its all-metallic make.
  • 4. Very cheap for the features it offers.
  • 5. Full arrow containment.
  • 6. Reversible to accommodate both left and right-handed shots.
  • 7. The Teflon channel enhances arrow flight and overall accuracy.


  • 1. The arrow retainer falls off. You are better off ditching the piece.
  • 2. Too much friction with the arrow vanes reduces speed.
  • 3. You cannot lock a draw.

Special Features

  • 1. Full arrow containment.
  • 2. T-6 Aluminum Parts.
  • 3. Stainless steel pieces.
  • 4. Teflon channel to hold and guide arrows.
  • 5. Tool free micro-adjustable windage.


It is amazing how much quality and features the Hydro Glide Pro compresses into such a small price tag. It excellent even if it went for double its price. It is solid and will not break no matter how hard a fish wrestles. I even tried it out while snap shooting flying carp. It worked like a charm. To be fair, the falling off arrow retainer can easily be fixed by a few dubs of silicon glue. Try out this rest before settling for more expensive bowfishing rest. Chances are you will settle for it.


Tell us about your experiences with our best rest picks. If you have not yet tried any of them, pick one and get back to us on the comments section. We want to hear from you. Happy Hunting.

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