5 Best Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands: Unbiased Review

Using an elevated position to hunt will give you a better view of your surroundings. And this will make it easier for you to spot prey. So as the hunting season nears, you may consider building an elevated deer stand.

Constructing a deer stand or elevating your box blind will require wood. But one of the most important components you will need is an elevator bracket. Elevation brackets will take out the hassle of trying to angle your deer stand.

More importantly, they will make it safer and stable, which is what you want. These brackets come in various types, and not all can be considered the Best Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands. To help you find the best, we have compiled a list of the top five deer stand platform brackets.

Additionally, we have included a guide on selecting the best from the many options available on the market.

A Quick View Of Our Best Tree Stand Brackets/ Deer Blinds and Stands

Mofeez Outdoor 4x4 Compound Angle Brackets for Deer Stand...
Powder Coated 13 Gauge Steel
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ADLER Multi-Use Outdoor 4x4 Compound Angle Platform Brackets...
Powder Coated 13 Gauge Steel
Check Price
Summit Outdoors E1088 Elevator Brackets, Construction-Grade...
12 gauge premium steel
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Highwild Platform Brackets Multi-Use 4x4 Compound Angle...
12 gauge premium steel
Check Price
Highwild Platform Brackets Multi-Use 4x4 Compound Angle...
Powder Coated 13 Gauge Steel
Check Price
VEVOR Deer Blind Brackets 4 x 4 Deer Stand Brackets Powder...
Powder Coated Steel
Check Price

Our top choice is the Summit Outdoors E1088 Elevator Brackets, Construction-Grade... . Also, they are made from high-quality, heavy-duty steel. This 8-degree robust compound angle gives Summit outdoor E1088 an edge over the other cheaper options. So if you want to have peace of mind, then grab this without a second thought.

Remember, an 8-degree angle is the best angle to tolerate the vertical load and prevent side-to-side sway.

The second-placed brackets are the Highwild Platform Brackets Multi-Use 4x4 Compound Angle... . These are also 8-degree angle brackets. These are budget-friendly, but their quality cannot be matched to the summit outdoor E1088 made in the USA, hence why they came in second.

These are cheaper than most Outdoor Summit brackets and offer good quality. However, Highwild Platform Brackets are durable than other cheaper models, meaning you get the best of both worlds. I.e., you save a few bucks without sacrificing much in quality.

Best Elevator Brackets For Deer Stands

What Are Elevator Brackets?

But before we get into the reviews, we need to discuss what elevator brackets are first. Elevator brackets are metallic parts used in the construction of wooden structures. Typically made from steel and other high-quality metals, they are used to add elevation to your deer stand.

Moreover, these brackets give your deer stand added strength and weight capacity. And this is one of the main reasons why they are a great investment. 

Should I Use Elevator Deer Stand Brackets?

Should you use deer stand platform brackets? The truth is elevator brackets for deer stands offer improved stability to your deer stand. Without them, there is a higher likelihood of the stand being swept away by strong winds. This can happen if you set it up without the brackets in areas prone to strong winds. 

Should I Use Elevator Deer Stand Brackets

Also, if you are setting up a large deer stand for you and another person, deer stand elevators will come in handy. The added weight capacity they offer will make the stand stable for two people. 

Advantages of Using The Best Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands

So what are some of the benefits of deer stand leg brackets? The main advantages of these brackets are:

Advantages of using Best Elevator Brackets For Deer Stands

Additional Elevation

Deer stand brackets 4×4 adds elevation to your 4×4 deer stand. While the extra elevation is not big, it does make a difference. Also, the added elevation will make it easier to scope your surroundings.

Strength and Stability

Deer stand brackets will make your stand stronger and stable. As such, with these brackets installed, it will not wobble or topple over. This is important as you are guaranteed safety while using the stand. More importantly, the stand will have a higher chance of not toppling with brackets installed in case of strong winds.


These brackets can also be used in other structures. For example, you can use the brackets for other DIY projects. Furthermore, you can also use them on raised ground blind stands. 

Ease of Angling

Angling your deer stand to achieve stability based on the terrain you are setting it on can be a hassle. And may involve a lot of cutting and complex mathematics. With deer stand brackets, this hassle is eliminated as they make angling your deer stand easy.

Made From Durable Materials

The best deer stand elevator brackets are made from high-quality materials such as steel. As such, they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Thus you can use them on your deer stand for longer. 

Tips on Using The Elevator Brackets

How should you use the best platform brackets for deer stands? Here are useful tips on using elevator brackets on your deer stand.

When installing the brackets, double-check everything to ensure that the brackets are bolted securely and angled correctly.

If you are constructing your own deer stand, it is essential to match the brackets with the right materials. This includes the wood you use to make a stand and all other materials.

What other applications can I use elevator brackets for?

What other applications can I use elevator brackets for

You can use the elevator brackets in the making of other wooden structures and furniture. This includes tables, playhouses, swing sets, Tree house, and ground blind stands. 

Reviews Of The Best Platform Brackets For Deer Stands

Summit Outdoor E1088 4×4: Best Deer Stand Elevator Brackets

If you searched for elevator brackets online, you would find plenty that cost about $40 or less. The 4×4 Elevator brackets, on the other hand, will set you back almost double this. 

So are they worth the extra money, or should you go for the cheaper options? The first thing to note is that these elevator brackets are made from 12 gauge steel. This means they are strong enough to support weights of up to 1000 pounds.

Most cheap brackets we tested are made from thinner metals and did not hold up well compared to this set of four Elevator brackets. Furthermore, as their name suggests, they are designed to fit 4×4 wooden beams.

This makes them perfect for deer stands, playhouses, swing sets, and even treehouses. In addition, these brackets provide a post angle of 8 degrees which is sufficient for most deer stands to prevent side to side sway. 

We noted the one negative thing with these brackets is that the vertical part is a bit too high. And thus, it was a challenge trying to make the carriage bolt clear. Also, these brackets are a bit expensive compared to other options. 

Highwild Platform Brackets: Best Elevator Brackets for Deer box blind (Budget Friendly)

The Highwild platform brackets, like the Elevator brackets, are built from heavy-duty steel. They can be used on deer stands, treehouses, and playhouses. These Highwild brackets are some of the Best Elevator Brackets for Deer box blinds we tested.

Firstly these are made from high-quality 12 gauge steel, making them strong enough to support heavyweights. Also, they are designed to fit 4×4 wooden beams, which are typically used in making deer stands.

These brackets are also angled at an eight angle, similar to the Elevator brackets. This, according to most manufacturers, is the ideal angle for vertical loads, which helps prevent side-to-side sway. There are also 12 pre-drilled holes on the bracket for easy installation.

These brackets have a powder coating that helps prevent corrosion. which is vital given that they will be exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. They are also strong enough to be used on other structures as well. 

Sadly, these brackets do not come with information on what kind of bolts to use. Nonetheless, though they are great for deer stands.


If you are on a tight budget, there are several good budget options available. The best budget brackets we found were the HME Elevator brackets. The latter are of good quality and offer enough stability.

The brackets will raise your stand by about six inches. More importantly, these brackets are multi-angled, which offers more stability and strength. They also have pre-drilled holes, which makes them easy to install. 

These brackets will fit most wooden beams, including 2x4s, 4x4s, 2x6s, and even 2x8s. And since they are made from steel with a black coat finish, they are also corrosion-resistant. This makes them ideal for deer stands as well as playhouses.

While they are more affordable than others on the list, they may not last as long. We did experience some wobbling with a deer stand as well, though nothing major. Overall, for the price, they should serve you well.

Summit outdoor E1000 4 x 4 Straight Angle Elevator Brackets

Summit Outdoor brackets tend to be pricier than others. This begs the question: are they worth the added cost? We sought to find out with the company’s set of four E1000 4×4 straight angle elevator brackets.

You get a robust bracket made from 14 gauge steel for the extra money you spend on this. Considering that most other brackets are made from 12 gauge steel, the strength of these brackets cannot be questioned.

Furthermore, according to the manufacturer, they can support deer stands of up to 8 feet tall. However, we found that 6 ft. was the most optimal height. Anything beyond this, and you will notice some wobbling. 

They do have pre-drilled holes that make them easy to install. However, these are quite costly and feature a straight-angle design. We would have preferred a compound angle design, which is why the E1000 came in fourth on our list. 

VEVOR Deer Blind Brackets 4 x 4 Deer Stand Brackets

The Vevor Deer blind brackets close our list. Like the others on the list, these are made from heavy-duty steel and designed to fit 4×4 beams. They are also designed to be corrosion-resistant.

They have an eight angle like most of the others on our list. But, more importantly, they can withstand loads of up to 550 lbs. But how versatile are they? Well, these brackets can fit other wood beam sizes as well.

In particular, they will fit into 2x4s, 2x6s, and 2x8s; this makes them versatile for use in other projects. Also, they feature 10 mm pre-drilled holes that make them easy to install. And since they are cheaper than some of our other options, they are great options.

However, we found that these were slightly bigger than a 4×4 by an inch. Thus there is some shimming that we had to do to make them fit perfectly. This was the main negative we noticed and the reason why they appear last on our list.

What To Consider To Buy The Best Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands

The cost of elevator brackets will depend on the quality. If you want the Best Elevator Brackets for Deer box blinds, there are some things you need to look at. The main factors to consider are;

What To Consider To Buy The Best Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands

The construction of the bracket

Brackets are typically made from steel. But, the gauge used will determine how durable and robust the bracket will be. Ideally, you want a bracket made from 12 gauge steel.

You can also opt for others made from thicker steel, such as 14 gauge. Problem is, these tend to be pricier, and for most deer stands, a 12 gauge steel bracket will be enough. Apart from the material, the bracket needs to be able to withstand harsh weather. As such, consider a bracket with corrosion-resistant coating.

This coating protects the bracket from corrosion and guarantees a longer lifespan. The weld quality of the bracket will also be a factor. Brackets are usually welded, and the quality of the weld will indicate whether it’s strong or not.

Check Is that Compound Or Straight Angle: Compound vs. straight angle

Brackets typically come in two variants: compound or double preset and straight angle. Compound brackets usually have a preset angle of 8 degrees. Which is the optimal angle for vertical loads and minimizing swaying.

Straight angle brackets have a fixed preset angle. They are cheaper but cannot withstand the same amount of vertical load as a compound. For deer stands, we recommend compound brackets as they are more robust and more stable.

Straight-angle brackets tend to sway and are ideal for shorter platforms. 

Compatible beam size

Brackets are designed to fit different-sized beams. However, most are designed to hold 4×4 wooden beams. Since these are the most common beams used in making deer stands. However, for versatility, consider brackets that can fit multiple beams such as 2x4s, 2×6, and 2x8s in addition to fitting 4×4 beams.

Ease of installation

To make them easy to install, the best Summit Outdoors Elevator Brackets come with pre-drilled holes. This makes it easy to insert bolts to connect the bracket to the wooden beam. Thus you want brackets that have pre-drilled holes as they are easier to install. 

The brand

When buying elevator brackets you want to be sure that they are well made and are trusted by other users. One way to ensure this is to buy from trusted brands. Brands such as Summit Outdoors, Highwild, are among the most trusted brands in the market.


The different price tags slapped on brackets mean you have a variety of price options to choose from. For example, suppose you have a shorter deer stand without a heavy load capacity needs. In that case, you can go for cheaper alternatives. On the other hand, pricier models offer stability and strength and are best for taller platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to angle hunting blind legs

Without elevator brackets, you can still be able to angle the legs of your hunting blind stand. There are several ways of doing it. The most common is fixing T-posts at an angle and tying the legs to the posts. You can also use kickstands positioned at the top of the legs. But, using brackets is still the best and easiest way to angle your deer stand legs without too much hassle. 


Elevator brackets give you a great elevation advantage and ensure your deer stand is stable and does not wobble or sway. If you are building a tall deer stand, you will want to have the Best Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands as a part of the support structure. 

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  1. 12 gauge is a 0.098″ sheet thickness minimum, while the 14 gauge offers a 0.070″ sheet thickness minimum. The 12 gauge sheets are 40% heavier than the 14 gauge sheets.

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