Best Gun Safe Under 2000: My Top 5 Picks!

This article is all about what is the best gun safe under 2000 USD. Here I compiled five value for money gun safe, which will worth your every penny. So without further ado, let’s get started.

With great power comes great responsibility. This is a quote that applies to web-slinging superheroes and gun owners alike. Because let’s face it, owning a gun can be likened to having superpowers.

As a gun owner, your number one responsibility is to ensure your firearms are secure when not in use. The last thing any of us would want is our kids playing with our deadly arsenal, or God forbid them from falling into the wrong hands.

Buying a high-quality gun safe will save you the trouble of always having to worry about your weapons. Apart from unwanted intruders, a good gun safe will protect your firearms from fire and other such disasters.

High-quality gun safes don’t come cheap, and you may have to fork up to $2000 for one. Or less than that if you know where and what to look for. So in this article, we will be looking at the best gun safe for 2000 and what makes them the best.

5 Best Gun Safes Under 2000 USD Review

I have selected these five based on their features, what users had to say, and my personal experiences and opinions.

SnapSafe Gun Safe Lock Box with Combination

Key Features

  • 300lbs weight
  • 10 13mm lag bolts
  • 2 emergency keys

Last update on 2021-04-13

A quick search of the SnapSafe Gun safe Lockbox with a combination reveals that there is very little information about it online. Which begs the question, why am I putting it as number one on my list?

What is it?

About a year ago, I decided to buy this vault door, and I have to say it is by far the best gun safe over 1000 and under 2000 dollars. While it is not a traditional gun safe in that it is actually a vault door, it does what it is designed to do really well.

If you want to have a gun safe under 1000 dollars, then check the from this list of the best gun safe under 1000 dollars.

How solid is its construction?

The first thing to note about this door is that it is incredibly heavy. Getting it in place will require about three to four people. The door comes pre-hung in a tubular steel frame and has welded hinges that make it virtually impenetrable.

A secure keypad lock is also available, and there are two emergency keys for it. Overall the door looks very well made. It is the closest thing you will get to a true vault at an affordable price.

Does it have any cons?

The only thing that might be a drawback is that the door lacks fireproofing and soundproofing inside. However, it comes with a removable back panel that allows you to install whatever you want.

This means you can install a fireproof and soundproof panel. It offers a real sense of security and is almost impossible to penetrate.

If you are interested in fireproof gun safe, try from our best fireproof gun safe selections.

New and Improved EMP Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 45 Long Gun Fire Protection

Key Features

  • EMP-proof digital keypad
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Longer locking bolts

Last update on 2021-04-13

Steelwater has one of the best selection of gun safes on the planet. And one of the company’s more affordable offerings is the Heavy-duty 45 long guns safe. A big, heavy, and sturdy safe is one of the top gun safes under 2000.

The safe electronic keypad

Access to the safe is via an EMP keypad. Complete with LED backlighting, this keypad is easy to operate. It only requires a soft touch to prevent the keypads from wearing out. If you can’t use the keypad for one reason or another, there is an emergency key.

How Secure is it?

This bypass key is drill resistant, which adds to the safe’s security. To further enhance the safe’s security, Steelwater installed 20 long steel locking bolts. These bolts are on both sides, with ten bolts on each side.

What does the inside look like

Inside, the safe features a door organizer with the steel water logo embroidered on it. This door organizer is made from a tough material. But surprisingly, it feels soft to the touch, which is excellent.

Also, when you open the safe, you will be greeted by automatic LED lighting. This helps give you sufficient light at night. The door is 5 1/8 inch thick and has three layers of fireboard. And on average, the safe can hold up to 39 long guns.

Browning® Hawg 49-Gun Safe

Key Features

  • Half DPX storage system
  • 12-gauge steel body
  • 1 inch formed steel door

Browning is famous for its gun catalog, but the company also excels at making safes. Because who better to make gun safes than a gun maker. The Hawg 49-gun safe is one of the company’s best gun safes.

How big is the storage space?

Inside it offers 33 cubic ft of space that you can use to store your long guns or your most valuable documents. The door features a half DPX storage system that gives you an added bonus in regards to storage options.

Secure enough to store all your guns?

But this safe wouldn’t be on my list if all it offered was ample storage space. In regards to security, the safe scores highly. The one inch formed steel door is accessible via a keypad and has eight one inch locking bolts.

The bolts are four on either side. The keypad is an S&G electronic lock, which is another huge plus. There is also the Browning Force deflector included, which makes it even more difficult to penetrate it.

It is also heat resistant.

When it comes to protecting your valuable possessions against fire, this safe again excels. It can withstand temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 60 mins. This safe offers ample storage space and is the best gun safe under 2000 Cabelas.

New and Improved EMP Proof Steelwater Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection for 120 Min

Last update on 2021-04-13

Key Features

  • EMP-proof digital keypad
  • UL listed outlet
  • 8X hard plate

Another steel water safe that makes it onto my list is the extreme duty 22 long guns safe. This safe is of premium quality. It comes with all the features of the other steel water safe on the list and more.

Unauthorized access to the Gun safe is almost impossible.

So you can expect the same EMP-proof keypad with LED backlighting. There is also the double-bitted bypass key. These two combine to ensure no unauthorized access of your safe while ensuring you’re never locked out.

How tough is the door?

The door itself is a 4 ¼ inch thick door with ¼ inch solid steel plate. On top of this, it also has four layers of fireboard. It is reinforced by a total of 20 1 ½ inch thick steel locking bolts. There is an addition of 13 chrome-plated active bolts.

It is entirely drilled resistant thanks to an 8x hard plate that protects the combination lock and re-locker. It also protects the gear drive and linkages. Speaking of the gear drive, this is one of the features that makes steel water safe’s stand out.

The Gear drive system, is it any better?

Considered to be more efficient than a cam system, the gear drive protects the safe against prying, punching, and drilling. It will take a lot of effort and power to pry this safe open if it is possible.

N: B. If you don’t want to have a large gun safe inside your room then you can consider the best biometric gun safe out of our 8 top picks

Stack-On A-40-MB-E-S Armorguard 40-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, Matte Black

Last update on 2021-04-13

Key Features

  • Fire-resistant for 30 minutes
  • Fully carpeted barrel rest
  • 2&4 way locking

As with the other safes on this list, this Armorgaurd safe has an electronic lock. Also, it is as heavy as the other safes on the list. It weighs 442 pounds and has a matte black finish. But how does it compare to the others on the list?

A carpeted inside

It does not have a set of features as impressive as that others on the list, hence its position. However, for its price, it is well worth the money. For starters, it features a carpeted barrel rest inside.

The fire-resistant rating is incredible.

On the door is a door organizer with sewn-in holsters and pouches. In terms of safety, it has 1.5-inch live action locking bolts. But where it excels is in being fire resistant. It can withstand high temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes.

What happens when there is a fire?

The steel-reinforced door is filled with fire retardant material that enhances the fire protection aspects of the safe. In case of a fire, the door stripping expands to protect the safe’s content from the damaging effects of the fire.

It might not be as impressive as others on this list, but it is still worth it. Compared to some other safes out there, this is an excellent offering from Armorguard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gun safes come in all sizes and configurations. So there are bound to be a few common questions associated with gun safes. Let us look at some of these frequently asked questions.

What does it mean when a safe is rated as being fireproof?

There is nothing on this planet that is 100% fireproof except. That being said, there is no safe that is 100% fireproof. When a safe is described as being fireproof, it can withstand fire for a specific time. This means that a fireproof description must be accompanied by how long the safe can withstand fire and at which temperatures. Some can withstand fire for up to 1 hour, while others can only withstand fires for up to 30 minutes; it all depends on the safe.

Can I change the lock combo on my gun safe?

There comes a time when you might want to change the default combination of your safe’s electronic safe. Now some gun safes do offer you the chance to adjust it manually while others do not. All the same, when you want to change the combination, it is always advisable to consult your safe maker. In some instances, the skills of a locksmith will be required. In other cases, all you need to do is follow an easy Do-it-Yourself process.In essence, changing the combination is possible only that the process of doing it differs from gun safe to the gun safe.

Can I buy a replacement keypad for my gun safe?

The keypad on your gun safe, just like any other thing made by human hands, is vulnerable to damage. So what can you do when this keypad becomes damaged? There are several options. Number one to access the safe, almost all safes feature a bypass key. This is a manual process of opening the safe that does not involve using the keypad. However, you still might want to get a new keypad. Manufacturers do offer replacement keypads, and you can always order a new one. It is worth noting that the keypad should only be bought from the manufacturer.

What happens when the power goes out?

You probably don’t control the availability of electric power in your home. And sometimes power does go off. So what happens in such an instance? Well, it will depend on your safe. Some safes have battery-powered keypads, which means that electric power will not be necessary to open the safe. Others, on the other hand, do require electricity to operate. In such a scenario, the option is to use the bypass key. As already mentioned, almost all safe’s come with a bypass key. This key will give you access when your keypad cannot be used for one reason or the other.


One of the hardest decisions to make as a gun owner is to spend over $1000 on a gun safe. Some of us do not have that big of a gun collection as to require a safe. For those of us who do, buying a safe will be a necessity.

When your gun collection starts piling up, it is time to buy a gun safe. And not just any gun safe but the best gun safe for under 2000. There is a lot that goes into buying a gun safe for more than $1000.

The security features that safe offers will be a key factor in your decision. Personally, at this price point, I try and avoid safes with one side of locking bolts. Instead, I prefer those with two sides, either four on either side or ten on either side.

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