Which Are The Best Hunting Lodges in Texas

We specialize in wild hog, whitetail deer and turkey hunts. We have multiple properties that make up thousands of free range acres. Our properties all have multiple ponds, creeks and rivers running through them with plenty of cover as well. We have 27 comfortable 2-man blinds with feeders and over a dozen archery setups. Included in your hunt is UNLIMITED hogs & predators, semi guided and a fully furnished, newly remodeled lodge. There are no hidden fees at all, no kill fees or per pound fees. We strive to give our hunters the best experience possible.

Hunting free range aoudad in the mountain ranges of West Texas is one of the most exciting adventures you will ever go on. There is nothing that compares to finding these sheep on the mountain slopes and cliffs. We have the exclusive hunting rights to multiple large private properties. We have an outstanding success rate and average 30” on our rams. These hunts are all spot and stalk in the beautiful west Texas high desert. Come experience mountain sheep hunting at a fraction of the cost.

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