Best Mechanical Broadhead For Elk & Deer: My Top 8 Picks

In the nearly ten years that I have been hunting, I have used all kinds of broadheads. And recently I have found myself using mechanical broadheads more than fixed. Not that I have a problem with fixed ones just that I find mechanical ones to be more effective.

Especially when hunting big game as they do the most damage. And like any other hunter, I have my list of favorites. These are the broadheads that come to mind whenever I think of the best mechanical broadhead for elk and deer hunting.

So in this article, I will be reviewing my top eight picks for the best mechanical broadhead for elk and deer hunting. I have selected these eight due to their high-quality construction and performance. In addition, some are on my list due to their cutting diameters.

For those who are new to mechanical broadheads, I have prepared a buying guide. This is an analysis of what I look for when shopping for a mechanical broadhead.

Without further ado here’s a look at eight of the best mechanical broadheads for deer hunting that I have used. The reviews include my honest opinions about each of these broadheads.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Best Mechanical Broadhead Pick

Best Mechanical Broadhead Buying Guide

There are thousands of mechanical broadheads out there all with different designs. Taking the time to find out which works best for you is crucial. Personally, whenever I am shopping for a best crossbow broadheads for deer and/Or shooting, these are the things I consider.

Mechanical vs. Fixed vs. Removable Blades

Honestly speaking, choosing between fixed and mechanical broadheads is never easy for me since they both have their pros and cons. Fixed broadheads lack moving parts and are generally stronger and more reliable than their mechanical counterparts.

However, most modern bows are built for speed, and at high speeds, fixed broadheads become very erratic. This combined with the fact that even a little wind can throw them off trajectory means they aren’t the most accurate.

Mechanical broadheads, on the other hand, offer a stable flight path and are thus more accurate. In addition, they generally have a wider cutting diameter than their fixed counterparts. So when it comes down to it, mechanical broadheads are more accurate and deadlier than fixed broadheads.


Removable broadheads offer the best of both worlds by providing removable blades. For large game, I prefer mechanical blades, and as I get into the reviews, you will understand why.


Heavy broadheads impart more energy on impact. However, a heavy broadhead is not always the ideal option. The weight of a broadhead has to match with the bow you are using. If you use a compound bow with relatively high draw weight, then a heavy broadhead can do.

But if you are using a lightweight bow, then a heavy broadhead will be a bad choice. Ideally, 100 grains broadheads are better suited for lighter bows. 150 plus grains broadhead are reserved for heavier compound bows.

Cutting diameter

There are a lot of people who get caught up in the cutting diameter of their broadheads. While it is an important factor to consider, there are two sides to this coin. Sure larger blades will be more effective; however, they easily get caught up in brush and branches.

Ideally, the cutting diameter should be about an inch. Anything beyond this might be overkill, especially if you are more of a stealth hunter.

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The Best Mechanical Broadheads Review

Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series Mechanical Broadheads

First up is the Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series Mechanical Broadheads. These broadheads have helped me take down quite a number of whitetails. Available with either a chisel or a cut-on-contact tip, it has one heck of a cutting diameter.

The blades

Broadheads are only as good as their blades, and the blades on these are 0.35 inches in thickness and made of stainless steel. With a cutting diameter of 2.3 inches wide, which is more than enough in my opinion

Swept back blade angle

One of the things that makes these broadheads so effective is how the design of the blades. Upon impact, the blades open up in a swept back angle. This improves the kinetic energy they product which translates to a more fatal wound.

Practice head included

One of the best things about these broadheads is that they come with a practice head. This greatly increases the lifespan of the broadheads. Also, it allows you to practice with your broadheads without having to damage them.


  • Swept back blade angle improves penetration
  • Made from stainless steel which is corrosion resistant
  • Are 100-grain broadheads and can thus be used with a wide array of arrows and bows
  • The broadheads are very accurate


  • Due to the size of the blades, they get caught in brush and branches.


This broadhead is designed for high-speed bows. It is the best mechanical broadhead for a crossbow that shoots at speeds of 350 FPS and above. Also since they are 100-grain broadheads, they can be used on most arrows.

Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead

The Muzzy Bowhunting 3 Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead is probably the strangest looking on this list. Unlike the others, it features 4 blades as opposed to three. So do the addition of one blade make it stand out from its peers?

Four blades

Four blades make up this broadhead with two rear blades that deploy upon impact. These rear blades are angled at an offset of 2 degrees to induce spin. This, in turn, translates to improved accuracy of the broadhead.

Large cutting diameter

This uniquely designed broadhead has one of the largest cutting diameters. There is a fixed 1-inch cutting diameter that is backed by an impressive 2-5/8 inch expandable cutting diameter.

Trocar tip

One thing I absolutely loved about this broadhead is the tip. Made from hardened steel this tip goes through bone like a knife goes through butter.


  • Does not have rubber bands or plastic caps
  • It is a durable broadhead
  • Flies like a field point
  • It offers both the benefits of a fixed and mechanical blades


  • The setup of the fixed blade is different from that of other Trocar fixed blades


This hybrid broadhead takes a unique approach to blade positioning. The rear blades as the ones that deploy upon impact. This gives you a more devastating wound than you would get with a fixed blade broadhead. It is thus, why it is position two on my list.

RAGE Hypodermic Trypan Titanium Broadhead 100 Grain 2" Cut

The RAGE Hypodermic Trypan Titanium Broadhead 100 Grain 2" Cut broadhead comes in 100 grain variant . Let's look at the other features that makes it one of the top mechanical broadhead.


You probably know rage broadheads are well known for their precise accuracy and the wound channel it creates are legendary. The Titanium Streamlined Ferrule fetures helps the broadhead to flight aerodynamically, which makes this broadhead one step ahead to other broadhead in this list.

0.39-inch blades

The blades themselves are stainless steel and are 0.39 inch thick. Stainless steel is widely used for making blades due to its being corrosion resistant. These blades are tough and sharp enough to take down any big game.

Super swept back blade design 

I was a bit skeptical about the tip on this broadhead, but I must admit it does work very well. Not only does it go through the skin it can also shatter bone.

2 inch cutting diameter

The cutting diameter of this broadhead is standard at 2 inch. It is unlikely that any animal would survive a well-placed shot.


  • Offered at an economical price tag
  • Is a very durable broadhead
  • Flies like a field point
  • The blades on it can be replaced


  • The blades are not as sharp as others on the list.


 Rage mechanical broadheads are always a delight to use. And while there are other better broadheads for its price, it offers all you could need.

NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter Mechanical Broadhead

While I mostly hunt whitetail deer, I am not one to turn down a turkey hunt. And one of the best mechanical broadheads I have used is the NAP spitfire gobbler getter. Many will tell you that this is the best for turkey hunting, something I am inclined to agree with.

The blades

This broadhead offers just the right size of the cutting diameter which stands at 1.5 inches. It is not as to be an inconvenience, but it’s also not too small not to be effective. The blades themselves are three inches in thickness.

Rounded tip

With a rounded tip, this broadhead delivers a great shock as it breaks bones. This means the results are always devastating irrespective of your prey.

Slimline ferrule

A uniquely designed ferrule allows air to pass over it which reduces air resistance. The result is a more accurate arrow flight. This helps to improve accuracy.


  • Good flight accuracy and resistance
  • Rounded tip ensures it sticks to your prey
  • Fits standard quivers
  • Sharpened blades guarantee quick kills


  • Has to be shot with at least 60 pounds of draw weight


While it is mainly used for turkey hunting, this is also one of the best mechanical broadheads for deer hunting. The rounded tip makes it ideal for hunting big game as well as birds. Also, it will not get caught by brush or branches.

Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead Razor Tip

Grim Reaper broadheads are not the most famous out there. And with Rage and co dominating the market it’s easy to see why. However, Grim Reaper broadheads are some of the best I have used. In particular the X-Bow razor tip.

Blade design

There is no additional hardware to secure the blades. Instead, they rely on a system of tension spring that keeps the blade securely restrained until impact. Upon impact, the blades retract rearwards.

I use these broadheads on my carbon express arrows, and the entry holes they make are quite substantial. Also, due to the use of the tension spring system, the arrows don’t raffle when inside the quiver.

Impressive penetration

Compared to other broadheads I have used the X-bow broadheads have excellent penetration. This is thanks to the .035 inch thick blades that reduce drag. Also, the angle in which they sweep backward in penetration power.

Easy to replace blades

Replacing the blades on this broadhead is relatively easy. In addition, replacement blades are pretty inexpensive. Thus you will have no problems replacing your broadheads’ worn out blades.


  • Is designed for high-speed crossbows
  • Has a sufficient 1.5-inch cutting diameter and there is a 1 1/3 inch option as well
  • It is a very lightweight broadhead
  • Does not raffle when in a quiver


  • The broadhead is likely to bend when you hit bone.


There are several other broadhead manufacturers out there, and Grim Reaper isn’t the most known. Nonetheless, based on my experience, they make one heck of a broadhead. It might give you something to think about next time you are shopping for a broadhead.

Grim Reaper Broadhead Razortip 1-3/8 in.

Another Grim Reaper broadhead that is worth considering is the Razortip 1-3/8 inch broadhead. This one makes up for the deficiencies of the other Grim Reaper broadhead on the list. And it maintains all the good qualities of the previous.

Cut-on-contact razor tip

One of the features that made me want to buy this broadhead is the cut-on-contact razor tip. This tip is mounted in a bullet point. The result is a tip that is capable of shattering bone without it getting bent.

Swept angled blades on impact

Similar to the previous entry the blades on this one sweep back in a 40-degree angle upon impact. This angled designed improves the penetrating power of the broadhead. Also, the manner in which it opens reduces the amount of energy needed to open the blades.

The Blade

There are three broadheads in every pack. These broadheads have a cutting diameter of 1-3/4 inches. This is a bit bigger than that of the previous one. However, it is still within the 1 to 2-inch range.


  • 100-grain broadheads can be used on most arrows
  • Uses less kinetic energy to open the blades on impact
  • The razor tip is capable of shattering bone
  • The blades open really fast upon impact


  • The aluminum ferrule of this broadhead tends to bend after use making the broadheads un-reusable


According to Grim Reaper, these are the fastest opening broadheads on the market. Whether that is true or not depends on the user. However, in my perspective, these broadheads cause devastating wounds, which is the most important thing.

NAP Spitfire XXX Mechanical Broadhead 2" Cutting Diameter

I have always been a fan of NAP’s spitfire series of broadheads. And one of my all-time favorites is the XXX mechanical broadhead. This three blade broadhead is designed for big game hunting.

Cutting diameter

Unlike other broadheads, the Spitfire series offers a cutting diameter of more than one inch. This model, in particular, has a cutting diameter of 2 inches. This is a big hole that it leaves on an animal, and it is unlikely any animal can survive such a wound.

Internal spring clips

Don’t expect to find o-rings or rubber bands here as the blades are held closed by internal spring clips. These are more effective than rubber bands and o-rings which are used in some other broadheads.

Tip point design

The tip is designed to shatter bone. This ensures a kill every time the broadhead goes into an animal’s skin. This combined with the impressive cutting diameter guarantees a sure kill.


  • Comes with a practice head available
  • 100-grain weight ensures it can work with most arrows
  • Has fantastic penetrating power
  • The 2-inch cutting diameter ensures a kill


  • Some users have complained of the broadheads being wobbly.


This three blade broadhead is a total beast. The 2-inch cutting diameter is more than impressive and is more than you need. On the other hand, the tip point design is capable of shattering bone, which adds to its effectiveness.

Grim Reaper X-Bow Mech Broadhead RT 1 1/2"

The 100 grain variant of the Grim Reaper X-Bow is a fantastic piece of hardware. I have used it on many hunting trips, and the results are always the same. Best suited for fast compound and crossbows, it is another favorite of mine.

Three blades

Similar to the other broadheads on this list, this one features three blades. These are very well sharpened and will do a lot of damage to your prey.

Razor tip

This broadhead is fashioned out of stainless steel. Meaning it is corrosion resistant. Speaking of tough, the razor tip of this broadhead is one of the toughest. It is capable of going through the skin and even bone.

Cutting diameter

Grim Reaper broadheads aren’t known for having a big cutting diameter. However, this one has a pretty decent cutting diameter of 1.5 inches. This isn’t as big as that of the Rage broadheads, but it is sufficient.


  • Comes with a practice head included
  • Works best with fast crossbows and compound bows
  • The razor tip is capable of going through bone
  • 100-grain weight means it works with most bows


  • The broadhead seems fragile and might not be used multiple times.


Some people have complained of this broadhead being fragile. However, it has sharp blades and a razor tip, which are effective against the big game. This makes it one of the best mechanical broadheads for crossbows.


There are very many mechanical broadheads out there. And due to them having moving parts, some people consider them unreliable. Especially since there are times when the blades may fail to open on impact.

This, however, can only happen if the broadheads you are using are not up to standards. So before you sink your money into one make sure it will serve you. The eight that I have reviewed are some of the best mechanical broadheads I have ever used.

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