5 Best Tactical Tomahawk and Survival Tomahawk Reviews

Should I buy a tomahawk? This is a question that has probably popped into your head more than once. Sure the best tactical tomahawk can never replace your EDC or best Camping knife, but there are situations where a tomahawk will come in handy. Especially in close-quarter self-defense situations that more often than not happen within 5 feet. After all, this is why native Red Indians preferred it for close-quarter hand-to-hand combat.

With numerous survival and tactical applications, it can be an invaluable companion for hunters, campers and even soldiers. That being said, join me for an in-depth look at what makes the best tomahawk. In addition to reviewing the 5 best tomahawks on the market.

Comparison Of Best Tactical Tomahawks

Last update on 2023-09-20

Best Tomahawk Buying Guide

Not every tomahawk offered for sale is suited to your needs. Thus, when shopping for a tomahawk there are certain things to consider. These are the things that differentiate the Best Quality Tomahawk from low-quality ones.

Handle Type

A tomahawk handle can either be wooden or polymer. Wooden handles are more common among cheaper and medium priced tomahawks. The problem with wooden handles is that they may feel a little bit wobbly. Also, tomahawks with wooden handles have heads made from different materials. Tomahawks with polymer handles offer more value for money despite them being pricier.

For starters, they offer more balance as the head and handle are made from the same material. Additionally, they are lighter and stronger. Most modern tomahawks feature a polymer handle.


Generally speaking, tomahawks range between 12 and 22 inches in length. Some people find a longer tomahawk appealing while others prefer a shorter one. To know if a tomahawk’s length fits you hold it on your palm with the handle along with your forearm. The handle should reach or near your elbow.

Head Steel

Steel is the one material that is used to make tomahawk heads. There are different types of steel, which have varying hardness and durability. While stainless steel is corrosion resistant it is not as hard as non-stainless steel. Non-stainless high carbon steel is ideal for making tomahawk heads. Thus, it is wise to go for a tomahawk whose head is constructed from non-stainless steel. Most such heads come with additional protection to prevent corrosion.

Nevertheless, stainless steel is also used in the making of Tomahawks that are resistant to corrosion. This makes such tomahawks weather resistant.

Overall Weight

Tomahawks are generally perceived to be lighter ax alternatives. Therefore, a tomahawk should be lightweight enough for easy carriage. A bulky tomahawk will be difficult to carry and use in close quarters.

Top 5 Survival and Best Tactical Tomahawk Reviews

Different tomahawks are suited to different applications. It is important to categorize these tomahawks based on what they do best. This way you will be able to appreciate just how versatile this classic weapon is.

Best Tactical Tomahawk Reviews

What would you rather have in an emergency or survival situation a tactical knife or a tactical tomahawk? While a knife can be of great help, a tactical tomahawk will come in handy in many more other emergency and survival situations. Whether you want to chop wood or separate limb from prey after a crossbow hunt, a tactical tomahawk is invaluable.

In a nutshell, a tactical tomahawk can be used to perform many functions. Below are the reviews of the best tactical tomahawks on the market. I have selected these tomahawks based on their weight and real-world practical usefulness.

Best Tactical Tomahawk

Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

  • Weight: 3.15 pounds
  • Steel: 420 HC stainless steel
Gerber Gear Downrange Tactical Tomahawk - Multi-Tool Hammer...
  • Features beveled axe head, hammer and pry bar - Included sheath
  • Made in the USA; 420Hc Steel body with cerakote in desert tan with G-10 composite scales on handle for grip
  • Included MOLLE-compatible sheath protects the blade when not in use and readily attaches to your pack, standard webbing or body armor
  • Great for any hunter, soldier, tradesmen and perfect addition to survival kit; Break through any barrier.
  • Overall length: 19.27 inches, weight: 36 ounces; Included limited lifetime warranty

Last update on 2023-09-20

The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is by far the best tactical tomahawk I have ever used. Apart from the fact that it is made right here in the US of A, it is a three-in-one tool. Meaning that just about anyone from campers, and law enforcement to soldiers will find it useful. Given it is popular among soldiers it has been labeled the best combat tomahawk.

Durable Construction

The Downrange Tomahawk is constructed from one piece of 420 HC stainless steel. Making it corrosion resistant. But that’s not all, the one piece of steel is covered by a coat of Cerakote. The latter is a coating used on guns and other high-temperature equipment. The coating gives the tomahawk a tough impact-resistant surface.

Unique head design

On one side of the head is a relatively dull blade while on the other is a hammerhead. The blade has intentionally been made dull to protect it when cutting through harsh material. The head also has a cutout handle complete with finger grooves. This handle comes in handy when you need to use the tomahawk for prying.


A G-10 handle with a desert tan color offers a comfortable grip thanks to its integrated scales. The handle will keep your hands firmly on the tool at all times.


Measuring 19 inches long, this is not the shortest tomahawk out there. Nevertheless, it comes with a sheath for easy carriage. This MOLLE compatible sheath has an open center making it easy to transport when the tomahawk is sheathed.


  • Have integrated scales for easy and secure grip
  • Made from one piece of stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Is a three in one tool, with a blade, hammerhead, and prying tool
  • It is easy to carry thanks to the included sheath


  • The 420 HC steel is not the best for tomahawk construction
  • The sheath is not a quick release sheath


The Gerber Downrange with its dulled blade is a unique piece of weaponry. While it is not without flaws it is a fantastic tool, especially for breaching and extractions. And with its many tactical applications, it is versatile.

Hardcore Hardware Australia BFT01-G Tactical Tomahawk Black G-10

  • Overall length: 18.46 inches
  • Weight: 2.60 pounds
  • Steel: 50-55 HRC

Last update on 2023-09-20

What you would expect from a company known as Hardcore Hardware except for toughness and durability. This is exactly what the Australian BFT01-G tactical tomahawk offers. Constructed from 50-55 HRC steel it is a tough tool with a lot of tactical applications.

The head

The head on this tactical tomahawk is something to behold. Fronted by a 3.46-inch wide beard blade it is designed to sink deep. This blade is complemented by a .55-inch spike that can be used for digging or to pry open doors.

The handle

Measuring 18.46 inches long this is quite a long handle. At the end of this long handle is a chisel tip point, which you can use to pry or pierce. The handle comes with a paracord wrapped around it for improved grip.

Speed release sheath

A molded Kydex sheath is included in the package. This molded sheath features a quick-release system. Also, it is compatible with Blade-tec, Tec-Lok, and Molle-lok systems meaning it can be mounted on any left or right configuration.


Constructed from the high quality 5-55 HRC steel, this tomahawk is as tough as it looks. The steel has a black Teflon finish which adds to its aesthetics. Thus, apart from being tough it also looks great.


  • It is built from high-quality heavy duty steel
  • Can be used for a wide array of tactical applications
  • Comes with the option of a paracord wrapped handle for improved grip
  • Comes with a spike and a chisel for prying and piercing
  • Can be mounted on left or right configurations.


  • It is relatively pricier than other tactical tomahawks
  • It is quite large and might not be ideal for extended carry.


Given its price tag, this tomahawk is definitely not in the same league as the other two tomahawks reviewed above. As such, the quality it offers cannot be understated. From its construction to its performance it is a fantastic tool. And just like the Gerber Downrange, it is popular with law enforcers and soldiers. As such, it is one of the best fighting tomahawks.

Cold Steel War Hawk Axe with Sheath

  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Steel: 5150 carbon steel
Cold Steel War Hawk Axe with Sheath - 90PTWH
  • Drop forged 1055 carbon steel
  • 8.5 inch hawk length
  • Polypropylene Handle
  • 19 inches overall
  • Secure-EX sheath

Last update on 2023-09-20

What sets the Cold Steel War Hawk ax apart from its competitors is its construction. Unlike other budget tactical tomahawks, the head on this one is made from 5150 carbon steel. The latter is one of the toughest steel types around.

Tough head

Being a tactical tomahawk you can expect a double-sided head. A cutting blade makes up the head’s main feature. On the opposite side of the blade is a wedge-like spike. These two combine to offer you a variety of tactical options.

Polypropylene handle

Costing less than $50 you should not expect a metallic handle on this tomahawk. Nevertheless, the polypropylene material that cold steel opted does not disappoint. It offers a secure and comfortable grip.


Included in the package is a Secure-Ex sheath. According to the manufacturer the build and design of the sheath is patented. The sheath keeps the head and spikes secure to prevent harm when being carried.

Long handle

Apart from being tough and having a comfortable grip the handle is also long. It measures 19 inches in length. Thanks to it being long there is plenty of leverage when handling the tomahawk. Also, despite its length, the tomahawk is still lightweight weighing 1.9 pounds.


  • It is a lightweight tomahawk
  • Made from high-quality carbon steel
  • It is offered at an affordable price tag
  • Can be used for a wide variety of tactical applications


  • It is not ideal for splitting wood
  • It is not ideal for backpacking


There are not many tomahawks that offer the kind of quality that this one offers at its price point. In fact, its head is tougher that of some pricier models. It is therefore right up there with the best tactical tomahawk on the market. And while there are some things it cannot do, it is more than sufficient for tactical use.

Best Survival Tomahawk

Surviving the harshness of the great outdoors will require skill and the right set of tools. Speaking of tools, a tomahawk is one of the tools you should have if you are to survive. And not just any tomahawk but the best survival tomahawk. Tomahawks are multipurpose tools making them an essential item in any survival kit. And below are the two best survival tomahawks.

best survival tomahawk

CRKT Kangee Tomahawk with Sheath

  • Weight: 0.84 pounds
  • Steel: Carbon steel
CRKT Kangee Tomahawk with Sheath: T-Hawk with Spike, Black...
  • High performance steel: SK5 carbon steel holds an edge well
  • Strong And Lightweight: Glass reinforced nylon handle is durable and lightweight
  • Boltaron sheath w/MOLLE compatible strap system
  • Designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical in Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Versatile Use:  Make sure you have one for camping, hiking or other outdoor activities

Last update on 2023-09-20

The Kangee Tomahawk is one of those tomahawks that when you see it you cannot help but buy. It has a black finish that makes it look totally badass. Given that it is one of the Tomahawks I own, I can confidently say that it performs as great as it looks.

Full tang construction

The first thing I liked about this hawk was its full tang construction. Made from one piece of carbon steel, it feels very well balanced and lightweight. Combined with the fact that it is shorter than most of its competitors and it is not hard to see why it is highly rated.

Textured handle

I absolutely love the curved handle with its glass-filled nylon scales. Apart from having scales for gripping the handle also features lashing points for cordage. Thus, you can easily wrap your Kangee in paracord for added grip. And that’s not all it also has different handholds, at the top, center, and bottom.

Carbon steel blade

To say that the Kangee is tough is understating it. Constructed from high-quality SK5 carbon steel the blade can chop through virtually anything. A black powder is added on top of the steel to make the blade scratch-resistant.

Pommel point

A hawk fit for a survivalist needs to do more than chop or slice things. With a pommel point at the end of the handle, this tomahawk can do more than just slice. It can be used to break down different materials


  • It is constructed from high-quality carbon steel
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • Features a full tang design for excellent balance
  • The handle is very comfortable to grip


  • Is shorter than most tomahawks which limits leverage
  • The spike is also short


The best survival tomahawk is one that can be used in tough situations. With its high-quality carbon steel construction, this Hawk exudes toughness. It is the kind of tomahawk you want to have around when in a difficult situation. And given its price, it is very much accessible.

Promithi Camping Axe Wolf Head Print Steel Hawk Axe Hatchet

  • weight: 2 pounds
  • Steel: HR 56 carbon steel
Promithi Camping Hatchet with Nylon Sheath, Axe Etched Wolf...
  • [Easy Carry] Approx 13 inch * 6.6 inch * 2lbs(L*W*Gross weight). A nylon head sheath with snap closure reinforced and a hole at the end of the handle for lanyard attachment or hang-up hook.
  • [Double-ended Blade]Forged with high carbon alloyed steel, hardness up to HRC 56, its curved side could be used for splitting and chiseled side for picking.
  • [Fashion]Beautiful sanded wood with etched blossom made up of the handle which is both ergonomic and aesthetic. And a wolf head etched on the blade makes it stand out of the ordinary.
  • [Utility]Excellent for various usage: camping, hiking, hunting, farming and other outdoor activities
  • [Quality]Anti corrosion and long-last durability design. The blade is very sharp and dangerous, please handle with caution. And it is not available for persons under 18.

Last update on 2023-09-20

The best combat tomahawk has to be short enough and lightweight for close-quarter combat. Measuring 14 inches in length and weighing 2 pounds, the Promithi Camping Axe has what it takes to be a fantastic combat tomahawk.

Wooden handle

The beautifully crafted wooden handle is both beautiful and practical. With an etched blossom grip, it is comfortable to hold and ergonomic. Furthermore, it comes with a hole on the end for attaching a lanyard or a hang-up hook.

Double ended blade

Crafted from high-quality HR 56 carbon steel the blade on this tomahawk is ideal for splitting wood or meat. Complementing the blade is a chisel piercing spike that can be used for picking.

Sheath included

It comes with a sheath included. This sheath has a snap closure for quick release. The snap closure is reinforced to make it durable and tough.

Beautiful construction

Everything about this tomahawk looks and feels very well made. The blade has a wolf head printed on it, giving it a totally badass look. The wooden handle has a brownish finish with adds to its aesthetics.


  • Is lightweight and compact enough for close quarter action
  • Has a beautiful wooden handle
  • The double-edged blade is suited to doing a variety of things
  • Comes with a hole on the handle for an addition of a lanyard or hook
  • It is made from high-quality carbon steel


  • The sheath has a hatchet opening design which can be unsafe for holstering
  • It is rather short limiting its leverage


There are very few models that can claim to be the best fighting tomahawk. The Promithi Camping ax is one of them. It is lightweight enough for carrying and using with one hand. Moreover, it is an ideal tomahawk for camping.


Tomahawks have been around since medieval times and were a favorite of native Red Indians. Today, these ancient weapons have undergone a technological transformation. In place of the tomahawks of old are sophisticated and lightweight weapons. These modern hawks come in all sizes, shapes, and designs. Choosing the Best Tactical Tomahawk will depend on your needs. This means that the tomahawk that will appeal to you will not necessarily be appealing to me.

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