5 Best Throwing Tomahawk That You Need For Survival

Tomahawks have been around for centuries, and they are still as popular as they were hundreds of years ago. Initially used by Native Americans and mountain men, tomahawks nowadays serve a variety of purposes.

You can use them as survival tools, for cutting firewood and cleaving vegetation. You can also use them for recreation or sports. And there are plenty of throwing tomahawks designed for recreational purposes.

Throwing tomahawks is a lot of fun, and you might find it more exhilarating than throwing knives. So which is the best throwing tomahawk? We have tested a variety of different throwing tomahawks and have come up with a list of our top picks.

In our selection, we considered a variety of things. Key among them weight, handle and grip, head material, and design.

Reviews Of 5 Best Throwing Tomahawk

Owning a shiny new tomahawk does not automatically make you a tomahawk baddie. Before taking a tomahawk on a real-world adventure you might want to brush up on your tomahawk throwing skills. This is where the best throwing tomahawk comes in handy. Throwing tomahawks is a lot of fun and more fun than throwing a knife. But, which tomahawk should you be throwing at your target? Well here are five of the best quality tomahawk for target practice purposes.

Bladed Tomahawk Throwing Axe - 19 Inch

  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Steel: 420 HC stainless steel

Most tactical throwing tomahawks are explicitly designed for throwing. Not the Bladed Tomahawk throwing axe though. This 19-inch axe can be used for a wide variety of functions apart from throwing.

Wooden handle

Made from American hickory, the 19-inch wooden handle offers good grip thanks to it not having any kind of finishing. Additionally, it is not too long, and neither is it too short, its length is the perfect length for a throwing tomahawk.


Attached to the wooden handle is the head made from 1020 hardened steel. The blade on this axe is 3.75 inches long and comes pre-sharpened. While it is mainly used as a throwing tomahawk, the versatility of the head makes it ideal for other outdoor applications as well.

HRC rating

One of the best things about this axe is the HRC rating of between 47 and 49. This means it is capable of accommodating a sharp edge. Also, its edge is soft enough that it does not shatter on impact when thrown.


  • This is a versatile tomahawk that can be used for a variety of functions
  • Has an unfinished wooden handle that offers a good grip
  • Its 19-inch length is perfect for throwing
  • Features a head made from 102 durable hardened steel
  • Weighing 1.7 pounds, it is lightweight enough for throwing


  • Is a bit costly for a wooden throwing tomahawk
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty


This is one of the best all-round tomahawks out there. You can use it to practice your tomahawk throwing skills as well as for other outdoor tasks. It is a versatile axe that ticks all the right boxes. Furthermore, its design gives it a traditional authentic feel and look.

SOG Specialty Knives F01TN-CP Tactical Tomahawk

  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Steel: 420 HC stainless steel

Lighter and less costly than the Gerber Downrange, the SOG Specialty Knives is one of the Tomahawks in my arsenal. I bought this Tomahawk for less than $40 dollars last year. And boy have I been impressed with it.


My SOG Specialty Knives F01TN came packaged in a bubble packaging that was more than a handful to open. However, when I finally got the package open and held the tomahawk in my hand I was impressed by how lightweight it was. It is heavy enough for chopping and even killing but not too heavy as to tire my hand quickly.

Double-sided head

There is a sharpened blade on one side of the head a spike on the other. Now, the spike has a sharp edge and I was a bit skeptical as to its toughness. However, after a year of using it, I can comfortably say that the spike is as tough as the rest of the tomahawk. It can be used to dig, break open, and even hammer.

Polymer handle

The black handle on this tomahawk is not metallic. From what I have gathered from different sources it is made from a ballistic polymer. In regards to toughness, it is quite tough and offers a secure grip thanks to its grooves.

Nylon sheath

The nylon sheath that it comes with is made of nylon and has two safety straps. These two straps secures the tomahawk securely in place. Also, the nylon sheath is weather resistant and will keep your tomahawk well protected.


  • Offered at an affordable price tag
  • It is lightweight and thus easy to carry
  • Has a comfortable handle for a secure grip
  • Can be used to cut, dig, breach and open
  • Comes with a high-quality sheath



If you are a prepper looking for an inexpensive tactical tomahawk, this SOG tomahawk is for you. It costs considerably less than other tomahawks. However, it performs very well in the outdoors and can survive any abuse you throw at it.

Cold Steel (CS90WVBA-BRK Viking Hand Axe 90WVBA

  • Weight; 1.1 pounds
  • Steel: 1055 carbon steel

The Viking hand ax 90WVBA from Cold Steel looks more like something you would find in the hand of a Viking than in that of a Red Indian. I guess this is why Cold Steel named it the Viking Handaxe. It has a simplistic design that accentuates its good parts. And due to its lightweight design it is right up there with the best bushcraft tomahawk.


Inspire by the legendary and historical Viking Hand Axe, this lightweight tomahawk is a hard hitter. Just like its legendary inspiration, it comes with a sharpened blade head with blunt side. The head is constructed from 1055 carbon steel, which is a tough and durable steel.

Hickory handle

A 30-inch handle made from American Hickory is attached to the sharpened blade head. This handle is longer than the handles of most other tomahawks. However, given the lightweight nature of the ax, it does not cause fatigue due to long holding.

Hooking horn and beard

The ax head has a hooking upswept horn that can be useful in combat and self-defense situations. And due to it being lightweight can be thrown at an oncoming threat.


A Cor-Ex sheath will be a necessity when you buy this ax. The sad news is that the sheath is sold separately. Nevertheless, the sheath does quite a good job of securing the ax in place.


  • It has a pocket-friendly price tag attached to it
  • It is lightweight enough to be thrown
  • The head is made from a tough and durable carbon steel
  • Has an extra broad and sharp cutting blade


  • It is relatively longer than a conventional tomahawk
  • Is best for combat and self-defense only


This ax from Cold Steel looks like something you would find in Medieval Europe. That being said, its design is not suited for camping or bushcraft. It is the kind of ax you want to have around when you feel threatened. Also, it does not cost much, which is a big plus. Overall it might be the best cheap tomahawk on the market.

SOG Throwing Hawks TH1001-CP

  • Weight: 0.5 pounds Each
  • Steel: stainless steel

When it comes to the best throwing tomahawk it does not get better than the SOG Throwing Hawks TH1001-CP. The Throwing Hawks package comes with a set of three Hawks that you can use for throwing and other general purposes.

Paracord wrapped handles

All the hawks in this package feature handle wrapped with paracord. The latter ensures a secure and firm grip suitable for throwing. The wrapping also makes them comfortable to hold.

One piece steel construction

Balance is important for a throwing hawk. These SOG Hawks achieve balance by being constructed from one piece of stainless steel. Thus, the handle and head are one thing, which means it is very well balanced. The one-piece construction also makes these hawks lightweight.

Hardcased black coating

By now it is clear that stainless steel is not the toughest type of steel out there. In light of this, the Throwing Hawks from SOG have a hard-cased black coating. The purpose of this coating is to make them scratch resistant.

Nylon sheath

The ballistic nylon sheath is a great addition to the Throwing Hawks package. This nylon sheath is able to hold all three Hawks securely.


  • Three sets of throwing hawks for the price of one
  • Are lightweight enough to be thrown
  • Can be used for other applications apart from target practice and throwing
  • Have a paracord wrapped handle that improves grip
  • Are offered at an affordable price tag


  • They are made from stainless steel
  • The sheath is not of good quality


If you are looking for an affordable set of Hawks to practice your Tomahawk throwing skills with, this is the set for you. The SOG Throwing Hawks are not only light but are also very sharp out of the box. You are guaranteed to have a lot of fun using these Hawks. They offer the best value tomahawk for the money.

SOG Tactical Axe with Sheath - “FastHawk” F06PN-CP Stainless Steel Throwing Hatchet

  • Weight: 1.19 pounds
  • Steel: stainless steel

The SOG Tactical Axe F06PN-CP is one of the best tomahawks from SOG. Given the quality of the products SOG produces, this is saying a lot. A lightweight throwing hawk crafted from stainless steel, this throwing ax has a lot to offer.

2-inch stainless steel blade

Atop this SOG Hawk’s handle is a 2-inch stainless steel blade. With a satin polished finish, the blade looks great. On top of this, it can be used as a camping ax, chopping ax and even as a backpacking ax. Most importantly it is lightweight enough to be used as a throwing hatchet.


Weighing a meager 19 ounces this mini tomahawk is great for throwing. And the best thing is that its weight does not compromise on its quality. Due to it being lightweight and compact you can carry it around without feeling tired.

Piercing spike

At the opposite end of the mini 2-inch blade is a spike. This spike can be used for piercing, digging and other things. It is a great addition to the ax and adds to its versatility.

Polymer handle

The ax is not made entirely from stainless steel as the handle is made from ballistic polymer. The handle has finger grooves that make it easy to hold.


  • It is a lightweight and compact mini tomahawk
  • Can be used for a variety of applications
  • Has an affordable price tag attached to it
  • It is easier to carry and use in close quarters
  • Comes with a sheath for safer carriage


  • Made from stainless steel
  • The handle can feel slippery to hold


At the price you are getting this mini ax for you should not expect a lot. But surprisingly, this tomahawk delivers beyond expectation. It is the best cheap tomahawk from SOG as it can be used for many applications. 

How To Buy Throwing Tomahawk

What factors should consider when shopping for a tactical throwing tomahawk? The main factors and the value they offer are;

Weight and length

A heavier and longer tomahawk will translate to a slower throw. As such, it is essential to invest in a well-balanced tomahawk. Ideally, a throwing tomahawk should be between 15 to 20 inches long.

When it comes to weight, 1.5 pounds is the ideal weight for a throwing tomahawk. Anything beyond this, and you will experience a slower throw.

The handle

Traditionally tomahawks featured a wooden handle. Wooden handles offer a fantastic grip and are inexpensive. However, most of the weight is concentrated on the head, which causes the head to break after some time.

Rubberized handles are nowadays more popular. However, these handles tend to become sticky and brittle over time. To prevent this, some manufacturers wrap parachute cords or grip tape around the handle.

As such, check whether a tomahawk has a parachute cord or any other non-sticky material wrapped around the handle. This increases the life cycle and gives you a good grip.

The head

This is the part of the tomahawk that comes in contact with your target. The head can either be a single, double, or flathead. Double-headed tomahawks are better for throwing as they offer a balanced weight.

Also, they have a double chance of hitting the target. Apart from the head design, it is also essential to consider the material used. Ideally, steel is the material used for making tomahawks. And the best cold steel tomahawk for throwing will be made from either stainless or carbon steel.


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