New Jersey crossbow Hunting laws and Regulations

Do you want to enjoy the thrill of hunting with a crossbow but worry about your state’s regulations? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will discuss the crossbow hunting regulations in New Jersey and offer tips on following the rules and avoiding penalties.

crossbow Hunting Regulations in New Jersey: Can You Hunt With Crossbow?

Crossbow Hunting Regulations in New Jersey

If you’re looking to expand your hunting repertoire, you might wonder, “Is it possible to hunt with a crossbow in New Jersey?” The answer is yes. Below you will find all the pertinent details about hunting crossbows in New Jersey.

  1. In New Jersey, the use of crossbows during all seasons except for the permit muzzleloader and permit shotgun seasons is allowed.
  2. To purchase a bow license, residents must present an approved hunter education certificate or a prior year resident bow and arrow license. Nonresidents must present a prior year nonresident NJ bow and arrow license.
  3. The crossbows used must have a draw weight of at least 75 pounds, and the broadheads should be at least 3/4 inches wide.
  4. The crossbow you use must have a minimum stock length of 25″.
  5. Except in Greenwood Lake, you can now use Crossbows for bow fishing which was previously prohibited.
  6. With some exceptions, you can also use the crossbow for hunting migratory birds.
  7. You can hunt deer, bear, turkey, coyote, fox, etc.
  8. You can not use any electronic or optical device that projects a light beam toward the game animal/bird.
  9. There is no regulation for arrow/bolt length, weight, or broadhead cutting diameter in the new jersey crossbow regulation.
  10. If you want to take the game bird in flight, you must use flu-flu arrows. Using an edged head arrow is strictly prohibited from taking down a bird in flight.
  11. You can use standard fletched arrows for taking Canada geese and turkey, which are not in flight.
  12. Also, hunting is permitted during the hours 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.
  13. Only private property and state wildlife management areas are open to Sunday bowhunting for deer.
  14. You can not use any chemical, poison, or explosive on the arrow’s tip.
  15. You cannot use the crossbow whether your vehicle is moving or stalling.
  16. While hunting, you cannot carry or control both a gun and a crossbow.
  17. A crossbow in the cocked position cannot be transported in a vehicle.
  18. You can not hunt in the Delaware River; state boundaries restrict it.
  19. You can not use a drone while hunting, scouting or trapping, tracking, trapping, retrieving or rallying wildlife.

Use The Above New Jersey Crossbow Regulations With Caution:

The above regulations and rules in new jersey regarding crossbow hunting are very specific and detail-oriented. Be aware that additional restrictions or limitations may be in place depending on the location you are hunting in. Always consult with local game officials before taking your first bow shot!

We have tried our best to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information, but we can not take any responsibility for incorrect or outdated information. Always verify the regulations in your state before hunting.

Is New Jersey Good For Hunting?

New Jersey is definitely the state for you if you’re looking for a sporty way to spend an afternoon outdoors. This small but densely populated state offers hunters plenty of opportunities to bag big game–from white-tailed deer to wild turkeys and bears. In fact, according to reports, there are over 125,000 deer in New Jersey alone! If bow hunting is your thing, prepare yourselves because it’s especially difficult competition here–most of the animals are located in small, isolated areas. Plus, if you’re looking for a thrill, hunting during the fall season is definitely it–the vibrant colors of nature will amaze you!

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