How Far Can A Bullet Travel – Easy Explanation!

Ever wondered how far a bullet travels? If you have, you are not alone. The question of how far can a bullet travel has been the subject of heated debates among shooters for years. And generally speaking, the answer to this question depends on several factors. The main factors that dictate how far a bullet can travel are weight, muzzle velocity, the shape of the bullet and environmental factors.

How Far Does A Bullet Travel Before It Drops

As already stated, how far a bullet travels depends on four main factors. Below are the four factors and how they affect bullet travel distance.

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Heavier bullets travel further than their lighter counterparts. The reason is that heavy bullets have less drop, meaning they are able to travel further before their velocity. When a bullet’s velocity decreases, due to air resistance, it slows down and eventually drops.

Muzzle Velocity

The muzzle velocity is the speed with which a bullet leaves the gun when fired. A bullet’s muzzle velocity will depend largely on the length of the gun barrel and the amount of gunpowder. Bullets fired from guns with longer barrels and more powder travel faster. With regards to how far bullets travel, bullets fired from long-barreled guns are faster and travel further. Thus, the faster the bullet the further it travels. The reason being that it takes time for air resistance to catch up to a faster bullet.


The Shape Of The Bullet

From your high school science, you know that anything that is aerodynamically designed is able to travel very far either in the air or in water. Therefore, a bullet that has a long and skinny shape is able to travel further due to its design.

Environmental Factors

It is already obvious that air resistance is the reason why bullets eventually fall down when fired. As such, the more the air resistance the shorter the distance a bullet is able to travel. Air resistance is high at low altitudes and low in high altitudes. Thus, a bullet fired in high altitude will travel further than that fired at low altitudes. Apart from altitude, air temperature also affects air resistance, with the latter being high in the cold air and low in warm air. Air resistance will reduce the speed of a bullet and cause it to drop.

How Far Will A 308 Bullet Travel

The .308 Winchester is one of the most used bullets in the US, especially in the Southern and Eastern states where it has a cult following. Used for hunting mid-sized game, the maximum range of this bullet varies based on the factors I have outlined above. However, in optimal weather conditions a normal 150 grains .308 is capable of traveling up to 1000 yards. It is wise and great if you use the best scope for 308 or the best scopes for your AR 10 308 for hitting your target. In that case, your aim will improve much more than just relying on your bare eyes.


When fired at a muzzle velocity of 2620 FPS a .308 Winchester can travel up to 4600 yards. This is especially when weather conditions are optimal and it is fired perfectly horizontal. This means that the answer to how far will a 308 bullet travel is 800-4600 yards. If you are shooting in the air though, the bullet will climb to a distance of 3.5 to 4.5 miles. This is when it is fired from a 45-degree angle.

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How Far Does A 30-06 Bullet Travel

The 30-06 Springfield is another popular bullet whose effective range depends heavily on muzzle velocity, weight, and environmental factors. In my experience, a 30.06 bullet can travel beyond the 400-yard mark. During one of my hunting trips, I was able to take down a deer with my Savage 110 30-06 from a range of 415 yards. The bullet was a 150-grain soft tip while in my trusted Savage I had 56 grains of powder.


So how far does a 30-06 bullet travel? Well, I will have to say between 400 and 1000 yards. Some of my hunting buddies have been able to hit targets that were 1000 yards away. If you want your bullet to travel beyond the 400-yard mark, you will need a quality gun and scope.

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How Far Will A 40 Caliber Bullet Travel

The 40-caliber bullet is a small bullet used in handguns. So how far will a 40 caliber bullet travel? As is with all other bullets, the answer to this question will depend on a number of factors. Due to the 40-caliber being smaller it has the tendency of ricocheting especially when firing in a gun range or in an open field. Therefore, it is important to have a backstop if you are target shooting with a handgun.

The distance traveled by a 40-caliber bullet will depend on its muzzle velocity. On average, most 40 caliber bullets have a velocity of between 1200 and 1400 FPS. In optimal conditions and when fired from 5 feet above the ground, the bullet can reach up 6600 feet.

How Far Does A 45 Caliber Bullet Travel

Another popular handgun bullet is the 45 caliber. As is with the 40 calibers the answer to the question how far does a 45 caliber bullet travel will depend on several things.

For the popular 45ACP which is compatible with both handguns and sub-machine guns the range will depend on the weapon it is fired from.

When fired from a handgun the 45ACP can travel up to a distance of 25 meters. However, there have been rare cases of this type of bullet traveling for up to 100 m. For the sub-machine gun though the range is a bit longer.

On average a 45ACP fired from a sub-machine gun can travel up to 200 m. However, the maximum range can be 1700 yards when fired up into the air.

How Far Does A 9mm Bullet Travel

The distance that a 9 mm bullet will travel will depend on its shape, the gunpowder being used, muzzle velocity, the condition of the handgun and the environmental condition. However, if you are using a standard berretta, Sigma or Glock handgun in good condition, the bullet will travel far. To be more specific a 150-grain full metal jacket 9 mm bullet will travel up to a distance of 177 yards when aimed at a 45-degree angle.

How Far Does A 22 Pistol Bullet Travel

For a 22 caliber pistol bullet, the distance traveled will also depend on a number of variables. All the same, the 22 calibers will have a maximum range of one mile. However, this is when a rifle is used to fire the bullet. In the case of a handgun, the distance will be lower.

How Far Does A 22 Pistol Bullet Travel

How Far Can A 22 Rifle Bullet Travel

If you have ever bought the .22LR round you know that it comes with a warning that its maximum range is 1.5miles. But how true is this? Personally I have used a long range rifle with the best 22lr rifle scopes.And in my experience, the 1.5 mile warning is a bit farfetched. While there is no doubting the power of the .22lr round its max range is approximately 1588 yards. This is according to the NRA.In my experience though the trusted .22lr can travel for up to 100 yards. This is the effective range of the round. However, it is capable of going up to 2000 yards when fired horizontally. Some high and hyper-velocity ammo such as the CCI stinger and Remington Yellow Jackets are capable of traveling for up to 400 yards though.

How Far Will A 380 Bullet Travel

The 380 bullet is yet another small bullet used for target practice. Needless to say, it does not offer the kind of power that other bullets on this article do. Therefore, it is not designed for long-range shooting. In optimal conditions when fired from a 30-degree angle and with a muzzle velocity of 955 FPS the bullet can travel up to 50 yards. Thus, if you want to know how far will a 380 bullet travel, fire in optimal conditions.

How Far Can A Bullet Travel In Water

The question how far can a bullet travel in water is another that is frequently asked. The distance traveled will depend on the shape of the bullet and muzzle velocity. Faster bullets will travel a shorter distance in water. Additionally, if a bullet has a pointed top it will travel a shorter distance. Pointed bullets travel up to a distance of 2 to 15 feet and become non-fatal after the three feet mark. Round-tipped bullets, on the other hand, travel further in water. A round tip bullet with a muzzle velocity of 900 to 2000 FPS can be fatal in water for up to 8 feet.


There are many factors that influence how far a bullet travels before dropping. The aiming angle, the condition of the gun will have a big impact on how far a bullet travels. In a nutshell, no two bullets can travel the same distance even if they are fired from the same gun. 

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