Rhode Island Crossbow Hunting laws And Regulations: Are Crossbows Legal In RI

It’s no secret that crossbows are becoming more popular in the United States. This is partly due to their versatility – they can be used for hunting and recreational purposes. However, there are some states that have laws governing the use of crossbows, and Rhode Island is one of them. If you’re planning on owning a crossbow in this state, here are some things you need to know.

In this article, we tried to provide a comprehensive overview of the crossbow hunting regulations in Rhode Island. However, as with most things related to hunting laws, and law is subject to change, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of what is presented here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding crossbow hunting regulations in Rhode island, be sure to contact your state game warden’s office for specific information about crossbow regulations in your particular region.

Rhode Island Crossbow Hunting laws

Rhode Island crossbow laws and Regulations

  • Crossbows are now considered archery equipment. As such, you can use a crossbow during deer archery season. It is important to note that hunting turkeys with a crossbow are illegal. But you can hunt coyotes with a crossbow, though.
  • As for the legal specifications, your crossbow must have a draw weight of at least 125 pounds and use broadheads at least 7/8 inches wide. You can use expandable broadheads.
  • You can carry one field point arrow in your quiver, which must be different from the crossbow arrow. The field point arrow must be in a different color than the arrow so that it can easily be distinguished from the crossbow arrows.
  • All crossbow hunters must have completed bowhunter education classes to get an archery permit.
  • It’s also legal to use your crossbow during the official muzzleloader season, but you must first complete bow hunting education classes.
  • In Rhode Island, you may hunt deer with adaptive aids (such as draw locks) at any time during the season without a special permit.
  • You may only possess one firearm or bow in the field while hunting deer and must use archery equipment for small game hunting if minimum draw weight requirements are met.
  • Arrows tipped with blunt/JUDO®-tipped points can be used for hunting coyotes during archery season when possessing an archery deer tag, but broadhead arrows cannot be used.
  • Hunting small game is allowed, but no birds can be taken with crossbows.

Why is Rhode Island a great destination for crossbow hunting?

The liberal hunting regulations in Rhode Island make it an ideal destination for crossbow hunters. With seasons from October to the end of January, bow hunters have plenty of opportunities to take deer with valid license tags. Additionally, bag limits allow for the harvest of two antlered deer and multiple antlerless deer, making it easy to hit your target game numbers. Public land makes archery hunting a breeze – there’s no need to search out private land where crossbow hunting is not allowed!

Rhode Island is always a great destination for crossbow hunting because of its abundance of both game and hunters. The state has a large number of white-tailed deer, which are the main prey species in crossbow hunting. Additionally, there are many other small mammals, such as squirrels and rabbits, that can be hunted with a bow or crossbow.
The conditions in Rhode Island are also ideal for crossbow hunting. The state has mild weather all year round, allowing easy stalking and tracking down prey.

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