6 Great Speckled Trout Fishing Tips & How To Catch Speckled Trout

It is that time of the year again, the winter season is over, and summertime is upon us. In other words, it is that time of the year when speckled trout fishing is all the rage. That being said, as an angler, at this time of the year, you will want to bag yourself a wall-hanger of a speckled trout.

Sadly, not every angler gets to go home with a prize 7-pound speckled trout. If you want to be among the small number of anglers that succeed in their speckled trout fishing endeavors, there are several speckled trout fishing tips; you will have to be familiar with. Thus, if you want to learn how to catch speckled trout, then this article is for you.

Speckled Trout Fishing Tips & Tricks

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Where to fish

The first step towards catching a prized speckled trout is knowing the habitat of your prey. Speckled trout tend to hide under obstacles and structures. Therefore, between the months of May and September speckled trout will inhabit water bodies with structures and obstacles.

speckled trout fishing tips

These include grass beds, bridges, and other points. Also, speckled trout inhabit water bodies with flowing or strong currents. In this regard, if you want to catch a speckled sea trout you will have to fish near the shores and along outer bays. Bottom line; irrespective of whether you have the best speckled trout lures, you will catch nothing if you are fishing in the wrong areas. Also, the area you are fishing will influence the size of the speckled trout you catch. In some areas, the speckled trout size limit can be four ft in others five ft.

The lure

Speaking of lures, it is important to know which kind of fishing lures to take when going speckled trout fishing. As with other fish species, you can choose between live and artificial lures.

If you are wondering what do speckled trout like to eat?

Well, they have a diverse diet that consists of mullet, squid, crabs and shrimps. The best lures for speckled trout can either be live shrimp or alewives.

However, if you want to catch a big speckled trout, I recommend using either live croakers or finger mullet. On the other hand, if you prefer artificial lures, you have a wide selection of options. From the wide selection available, I recommend using soft plastic speckled trout fishing lures such as Berkley Gulp, Matrix Shad, and D.O.A lures.

speckled trout fishung tips

Other artificial lures that are considered best bait for speckled trout are hard small plastic lures such as the Yozuri Crystal Minnow. Thus if you do not know what kind of bait to use for sea trout? You can use any of the speckled trout lures mentioned.

Fishing rod

Now that you have figured out the best lures for speckled trout and redfish, you will also want to find the kind of rod to use. The best rod to use is one with a medium weight and length. In essence, go for a rod that measures 7 to 9 ft in length and measures about ten pounds. The rod should be fitted with a spin cast reel. The latter is the best reel for a medium sized rod.

speckled trout fishing rods

Time of fishing

While I have nothing against fishing during the day, I find it more rewarding to fish at night. When you are fishing at night, you will have to use your ears.

Speckled trout fishing at night necessitates you to use various speckled trout fishing techniques. At night you will find large groups of speckled trout chasing after shrimps.

One of the techniques you can employ is to use topwater speckled trout bait. The latter kind of bait will attract more attention than underwater baits. It is recommended that you use a rattling bait to attract more attention.

The best bait for night fishing is one that is 3 to 5 inches. To increase your chances of success, you can add a bucktail trailer with a single or a treble hook.

So if you want to know how to catch speckled trout at night, start by understanding which the right lure to use is. Secondly, the kind of lighting you use will be necessary. In the past, anglers used lighted speckled trout fishing rigs. Today, you can use your own source of lighting, especially when hunting in areas with submerged structures.

Do your homework

Savvy anglers will tell you that the secret to catching speckled trout is understanding their habitats. Thus, if you identify a specific spot where speckled trout frequent, it will be wise to study the area.

If it is a lake, then you will need to evaluate the temperature of the water, the kind of structures in that area and also need to find out what do lake trout like to eat?

If you are going trout fishing in Texas, it will be important to understand where the best places for trout fishing in Texas are. It is better to have several fishing spots where you know speckled trout inhabit that having only one spot. Having a variety of spots will increase your chances of bagging a prize trout.

Another thing you will need to know is when the best time to fish is. In most instances, you will find yourself competing with other anglers in one fishing spot. To avoid this and increase your chances of catching a speckled trout, most savvy anglers will go out fishing in the afternoon when the pressure of their boats is low and will fish until dusk.

During this time, you are not likely to have a significant number of anglers competing with you.

The month

During the months of January and February, the number of speckled trout will be small as compared to the month of May.

Therefore, the best time to go trout fishing is during the month of May. During this month, the trout will be in schools and will be easier to catch. In essence, try to find areas where speckled trout frequent between the months of May and September.

From September the number of speckled trout begins to dwindle as the winter season approaches. Therefore, many of these fall speckled trout fishing tips will apply between the months of May and September.

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