Where To Shoot A Raccoon With A Pellet Gun: Tips On Hunting Raccoons

How should you deal with the raccoons invading your garbage cans? You could try trapping them, but who’s got the time to set up the traps? And sometimes, you need permission to set up the traps.

The better solution is to kill the furry buggers and be done with it. But when it comes to killing, you need to choose the right gun, in this case, the right pellet gun. Not every pellet gun will work on raccoons.

More importantly, you need to know where to shoot raccoons to guarantee a kill. Raccoons are tough little buggers, and when it comes to taking them down shot placement matters.

where to shoot a raccoon with a pellet gun

Can A Pellet Gun Kill Racoons

But before we get into shot placement, let’s first discuss whether the pellet gun you are using will get the job done or not. Even with the right shot placement, different pellet rifles will yield different results. So what caliber gun do you need to kill a raccoon?

Pellet guns come in many types and calibers; some are simply not powerful enough to kill a raccoon. However, there are plenty of pellet guns that are capable of killing raccoons. The general rule of thumb is to use a .22 caliber or higher on furry animals.

As such, you do not want to use anything less than a .22 on raccoons. A .177 caliber will simply not work (clean kill) on raccoons.

What About BB Gun? Can A BB Gun Kill A Raccoon?

You can kill a raccoon with a BB gun with the right caliber round. In fact, using .22 caliber air rifles is the preferred method of killing raccoons for most people.

What Other Caliber Guns Will Work For Killing Raccoon?

Any pellet gun that is quiet enough with a .22 or higher caliber will be ideal for taking down raccoons. As for the gun’s velocity, you want something with at least 650 FPS. A .25 caliber Air gun will offer the most humane option, particularly one with at least 40 FPE.

A .177 pellet gun will not be as efficient at dispatching coons as the .22 and .25 calibers. While it is technically possible, it requires a lot of skill and luck. In most cases, a .177 caliber will wound the coon but not kill it. So you want to avoid using a .177 caliber pellet rifle on raccoons.

Shot Placement: Where To Shoot Racoons With A Pellet Gun

Now that we know what kind of pellet gun we need to use on raccoons, the next thing is knowing where to place your shot with a pellet gun.

Headshot: Between The Eyes And Ears

Raccoons are tough animals and can be hard to kill. The trick with these animals is right shot placement. A headshot typically does the job. However, you want to target the area between the ears and eyes for a humane kill.

This will typically penetrate the brain resulting in a kill. In some cases, you may have to shoot it more than once.

The Eyes And Ears

You can also penetrate the coons brain through the ears and eyes. Thus a shot through the eyes will most likely result in a kill. The eye is made of soft tissue that will be easy to penetrate. The same applies to the ears.

The Lungs

Another area you can target to take down a raccoon is the lungs. They are typically located in the middle of the chest, just behind the shoulder. This area usually contains a lot of vital organs, including the lungs.

Common Racoon Hunting Mistakes

  • Using the wrong caliber guns: Trying to hunt coons with a small caliber pellet gun such as a .177 caliber does not always result in a kill. Using a .22 or higher caliber gun for fur animals such as raccoons is recommended, and using smaller calibers on feathered animals.
  • Wrong Shot Placement: coons are tough to kill, and if you are not targeting the coon’s vitals, you will not be successful. Ideally, you want to aim at its head, especially in the eyes, ears, and between the eyes and ears.
  • Not Investing In Lighting: raccoons typically invade our homes at night, and thus you may have to result to nighttime hunting to eliminate them. For such a task, you will need to have good lighting for long-range scanning of your yard or porch.

Where To Find Racoons

To successfully get rid of the raccoons invading your garbage or feed, you need to know where they are found. Generally speaking, coons come out to forage for food at night. They particularly love coming out when it’s pitch dark.

As such, raccoons tend to be less active during a full moon. During the day, they are less active and can be found hunkered down in their own burrows. They can also be found inside a hollow tree trunk during the day or underneath wooded piles.

Another good place to look for raccoons is near the creek or river systems. They like hiding in tall grass and under logs or other covers.

The best time to hunt raccoons is when it is pitch dark at night, as this is the time they are most active. If you want to find a raccoon more effectively, use the raccoon calls. This will cause them to come out of hiding and aid in your search.

Tips On Hunting Racoons

  • Hunt at night: as we have already mentioned, raccoons are most active at night, and thus the best time to hunt them is at night.
  • Use the right lighting: since you hunt coons at night, you will need lighting to find them. The type of lighting you use is essential. Use lights with an adjustable intensity capable of illuminating without spooking coons.
  • Use fragrant bait: Racoons come out to look for food, and thus one trick you can use is to use bait such as hard-boiled eggs or wet cat food to attract the coons.
  • Use The Raccoon Caller: If you want to hunt coons effectively, you will need to use a raccoon caller. A good call will help lure the coons into range, and once they are close enough, you can then take them down with your pellet gun.
  • Use Air Gun Noise Suppressor: If you are using an air gun, it is important to use noise suppression if your state allows using a suppressor. This will help reduce the chance of spooking the coon and making him run away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Shoot Racoons at Night?

You will obviously need a powerful light source to illuminate your environment to make a humane shot.

Are Racoons a Protected Species?

Yes, in most states, raccoons are protected furbearers as they play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. They are also protected due to them being preyed on by several predators, including hawks, owls, snakes, wolves, and coyotes. It is important to check with your local wildlife and conservation office before implementing any lethal means on raccoons.

Is It Illegal To Kill A Raccoon On Your Property?

In most states killing raccoons is subject to various laws. It is legal to kill raccoons in some states without the need for any kind of license or permission. In other states, you will need a permit. It is important to check the laws relating to raccoons in your state.

Can A .177 Kill A Racoon?

It is technically possible, but it is difficult to pull off a kill using a .177 caliber pellet. In most cases, you will need to shoot the coon multiple times.

Will A .22 Pellet Kill A Racoon

A .22 pellet gun will kill a raccoon. A .22 caliber pellet carries more energy even when fired at slower velocities than the lighter .177 caliber. However, it is recommended you use a gun with at least 650 FPS.

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