7 Best AR 15 Hard Case To Carry and Protect Your Beast

There is a lot that can happen to your firearm when you are on the move. Thus while guns are made to be tough, it's always a good idea to carry it inside a case. But what kind of case do you need for your AR15?

AR 15 rifle cases come into two major categories, soft and hard. Hard cases offer a greater level of protection than soft AR 15 cases. And are thus the best for taking your ar 15 rifle to where it's needed.

Hard ar 15 rifle cases offer superb shock absorption and are impact resistant. Additionally, the best ar 15 hard case will have additional room for you to store your accessories.

Inside your hard rifle case, you can carry a cleaning kit, extra magazines, and optics.

To help you select the right hard case from the many available in the market, we have compiled a list of the best hard 15 cases.

In our selection, we considered several things, including storage capacity, overall weight, size, and locking mechanism, and quality of construction material.

If we were to pick our Top AR15 hard case out of the ones below, we would have to go with the Pelican 1750 rifle case. It is sturdy, offers plenty of space, and can hold all kinds of rifles regardless of their length.

The other models on the list are still excellent options in their own right and would actually give the Pelican a run for its money in some aspects.

Reviews Of The Top 7 Best Hard Cases For AR 15 Rifle

Pelican 1750 Rifle Case With Foam

Designed for long rifles, the Pelican 1750 can hold one long gun and leave plenty of room for a handgun or extra magazines. Inside it measures 50.5 inches long, 13.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep.

Like all other Pelican hard cases, this one is made from ultra-high impact poly-carbonate. And thanks to its roomy interior, it can comfortably hold a scoped interior. And with some creativity, you actually carry two rifles.

The entire case is waterproof and can be submerged up to 1 meter. And for protecting your rifle from unwanted intrusion, the case features two steel hasps for a padlock. The four latches spaced across the lid are easy to open.

Given its size, this is not a lightweight case and can weigh up to 43 pounds with a rifle inside. Fortunately, the case is below the 50-pound limit imposed by airlines.

More importantly, it comes with wheels, meaning you can pull it behind you instead of carrying it.


  • The case offers you the option to secure your rifle with a padlock
  • Made from ultra-high impact polycarbonate, it is durable and robust and can withstand knocks and falls
  • It comes with double throw-latches that help secure your rifle in place
  • Comes with wheels which make it easy to transport
  • The case is waterproof
  • Cons

  • It's a bit pricier than most of its competitors
  • Is quite heavy
  • Verdict

    Pelican has two other hard rifle cases designed for shorter rifles. However, this one was our best pick since it has plenty of room to carry any type of gun short or long. It can actually hold guns that are up to 40 inches long.

    Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case

    Looking for something a little bit less expensive than the likes of the Pelican 1750? Then the Plano all-weather tactical gun case will be of interest to you. This is a 36-inch long tactical gun case for ar 15 rifles.

    But despite its price, it is a dependable, hard case. For starters, it is waterproof and comes with an air pressure release valve. This helps adjust to changes in air pressure. One of the best things about this all-weather gun case is that it is customizable.

    Inside it has an egg carton foams at the top and bottom. In between these two foams is middle foam with perforations. This one helps you customize the foam to fit your rifle, extra magazines, and other accessories you may want to carry inside the case.

    The inside of the case measures 36-5/8 inches by 12-5/8inches by 5.0 in length, width, and depth, respectively. This means it can easily hold a 36 inch AR 15 rifle and leave plenty of room for its accessories.


  • The inside of the case features three sets of foam one of which is customizable to fit your needs
  • Is an all-weather case that is waterproof and has an air pressure valve for adjusting to changes in air pressure
  • Has dual lockable latches that are easy to open and offer protection against unwanted intrusion
  • It is a lightweight case weighing about 14 pounds when empty
  • Is relatively affordable compared to other models
  • Cons

  • Maybe a bit small for longer ar 15 style rifles
  • The foam perforations are widely spaced
  • Verdict

    Overall this ar 15 hard gun case is tough and is highly customizable. And the best part is that it is not as costly as other models on this list. So if you are on a tight budget, this may be the perfect choice for you.

    Case Club Pre-Cut AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case

    The Case Club Pre-cut AR15 waterproof rifle case is another excellent option for transporting your ar 15 rifle. It offers sufficient padding to withstand the rigors of travel and enough security to protect your gun from theft.

    For opening and closing the case, it features five heavy-duty latches. Two of these latches are opened using a set of keys that are included in the package.

    When you open the case, you are greeted by two foam pads. The top has an egg-shell pattern while the bottom one is pre-cut to fit a ar 15 rifle with a standard scope. It also features a pre-cut space for a handgun.

    This is a great rifle case, and we especially love the fact that it comes with pre-cut space for a handgun. Something else we like about it is the available padlock holes that allow you to lock it using a padlock for added protection.


  • For security, it features padlock holes and key lockable latches
  • It is a waterproof and dustproof case with silica gel inserts
  • The bottom foam pad has pre-cut space for a rifle, handgun, accessories, and magazines
  • It comes with a pressure valve that helps adjust pressure after a flight
  • The case is made from heavy-duty materials
  • Cons

  • The case is a bit too heavy for most people
  • Since it comes with pre-cut foam pads, it may be restrictive in terms of space usage
  • Verdict

    This is one of the best rifle cases for ar 15 with scope. Its pre-cut foam pad allows you to carry your ar 15 rifle together with a scope and other accessories.

    Plano AW Double Scoped Rifle case

    Sometimes you will want to carry two ar 15 rifles. In such instances, you will need a rifle case that can hold two guns. And that is what the Plano AW Double scoped rifle case is designed for. This case can accommodate two scoped rifles.

    This case is made from heavy-duty polycarbonate. This gives it a sturdy and impact resistant exterior. The opening latches look very solid and sturdy, and indeed they are. There is also a full-length dri-loc seal that prevents water from entering.

    Inside the case has foam padding that provides perfect bedding for your two rifles. The padding helps absorb external shock. The inner foam can be customizable by removing the pluck able its micro-cuts.

    Given its designed to hold two rifles, it is quite cumbersome, especially when you have the two guns already inside. To make it easier to transport, it features wheels that you can drag it behind you with.


  • Is capable of holding two rifles
  • The inner foam pad is customizable to fit your rifle
  • The case is made from sturdy polycarbonate material that is impact resistant
  • It is dust and waterproof
  • The locking latches are of high quality
  • Cons

  • Is quite a heavy rifle case
  • The inner foam that has to pick up cutouts is not the best
  • Verdict

    Probably the best hard case for ar 15 of its kind, this Plano model has a lot of features that you will love, we sure did. It is a very tough and robust case that is designed for carrying two rifles.

    Savior Equipment Tactical Discreet Rifle Carbine Shotgun Pistol Gun Carrier

    There are times when you want to travel with your firearm discreetly. In such times you will need a case that does not scream, "I am carrying a gun." The Savoir Equipment Tactical Discreet rifle carrier is an excellent case for this purpose.

    Designed to resemble a guitar case, it has all the features of a hard rifle case. It has six claps all round it that help secure your rifle inside. There is also a nice durable handle for one-handed carrying.

    There are three layers inside it. The middle one can be cut to fit the design of your firearm. It offers a decent amount of space for a scoped ar 15. You also have some extra room to store either a handgun or some extra mags.

    It comes with a top handle and wheels. As such, you can easily drag it behind you. Of worth noting is that this case does not have a pressure valve.


  • Its guitar case design makes it ideal for discreet transportation of your firearm
  • Has six claps to keep your gun secure
  • The middle foam of the case can be cut to fit your ar 15 rifle design
  • Can accommodate a scoped ar 15 with extra magazines or a handgun
  • Comes with wheels and top handle that make it easy to move
  • Cons

  • Does not have a pressure valve
  • The wheels are not of the best quality
  • Verdict

    First of all, this ar 15 guitar case looks fantastic and is an excellent way to take your rifle to the range without anyone knowing where you are going or what you are carrying.

    SKB iSeries Single Rifle Case Black

    The best ar 15 case for the money has to be the SKB iSeries single rifle case. This case is lighter than most other rifle cases on the list. However, it is still as sturdy and durable as its competitors.

    Designed for carrying long rifles, the case measures 49 inches long. Thus it has plenty of room inside to fit a long scoped rifle.

    There are four latches on this case that are heavy-duty and, at the same time, easy to snap open. For added protection, it features padlock holes that you can put a padlock.

    In regards to its construction, it is made from an impact-resistant plastic material. It is also weatherproof.


  • This rifle case is water and dustproof
  • It is lighter than most other similar products
  • The top foam pad is elevated at the side of a gun's stock to keep it well balanced and not shift
  • The latches on this one are of better quality than some of its competitors
  • You can add padlocks for added safety of your firearm
  • Cons

  • The overall quality is not the best especially for long travels
  • It's a bit too narrow for certain hunting rifles
  • Verdict

    Bottom line, this is a fantastic rifle case that is not without its fair share of drawbacks. Its minor drawbacks are not significant as to cause you significant problems though.

    Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR Tactical AR Case

    When it comes to the best ar 15 gun case, it does not get any cheaper than the Flambeau Outdoor 6500AR. This is one of the most affordable options available in the market today. So how does it compare to some of its pricier competitors?

    Given its price tag, it might not be fair to compare it to some of its pricier competitors. Nevertheless, it does have some perks up its sleeves. For one, it is built from a hard and sturdy plastic that offers sufficient protection for short-distance travel.
    One of its best features is the magazine storage space. You get two 10″ x 13″ magazine dividers for storing extra mags. These two have hook-and-loop straps for securing your magazines securely in place.

    Measuring 42 inches, it can accommodate most long rifles. One of our main problems with this case, though it is the design of its interior. It features velcro straps for securing your gun in place. So there are no pre-cut foams or customizable foam here.


  • Available at an incredibly affordable price tag compared to other options
  • Has two dividers for secure storage of your extra magazines
  • Measuring 42 inches, it can hold most long rifles
  • Is a lightweight case suited for short-distance travel
  • Despite its price, it is made from a sturdy plastic material
  • Cons

  • The case is not weatherproof
  • Does not have a customizable foam
  • Verdict

    When considering this rifle case, it is important to remember its price tag. It does not have some of the features we expect from a rifle case, but it is still a decent enough case. For short-distance travel with your rifle, it is the best.

    Things To Consider Before Buying The AR 15 Hard Case

    Knowing which are the best ar 15 hard cases is one thing, and knowing how to pick out the best from the many options available is another. There are several things you need to consider when making your selection.

    Size of the case

    Top on the list of things to consider is the size of the case. This may come as a surprise to some, but a lot of people do not know the exact length of their AR rifles. Before spending money on a case, take time to measure your gun.

    There is no need to buy a 50-inch case to transport a 32-inch rifle. Basically, the size of the case you get should match the size of your gun. If you own a long gun, go for a 40 plus inch case. On the other hand, if you own a shorter rifle, a 36-inch case will do fine.

    Is your rifle scoped or not

    Truth be told, it can be a pain to have to detach your rifle scope every time you want to travel with your gun. If your gun is scoped, measure its height with the scope to know the kind of case you need.

    The case you buy should be able to fit your rifle with the scope attached. It is worth noting that most ar 15 hard cases can accommodate a scoped rifle.


    If you travel with your rifle frequently, you will need to consider getting a weatherproof case. This is a case that will protect your gun from the elements. Thus you don’t have to worry about transporting it in the back of your pick up truck in the rain.

    Check to see if a case is waterproof or not. Not all hard cases are waterproof.


    Some rifle cases come at a premium. A pelican ar 15 case can set you back some few hundred dollars. However, not everyone needs an expensive case. There are some decent options on the budget side of the market.

    Some such as the Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR Tactical AR Case may lack some of the features of pricey models, but they offer sufficient protection. For going to the range and back, you may not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a case.


    Compared to soft cases, hard rifle cases are durable and sturdy. These types of cases do not break or even bend under pressure. But before splashing money on a ar 15 hard case, always consider your needs.

    At the end of the day, the ideal ar 15 hard case is the one that serves you best for long.

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