10 Best Binoculars Under 100 and 150 Dollars – 2022 Edition

This review is all about the best binoculars under 100 and 150 dollars. If you are looking for binoculars without breaking your piggy bank then you are in the right place.

Truth be told, not everyone can afford to splash thousands of dollars on a spanking new pair of binoculars. More importantly, not everyone needs an expensive pair of binoculars.

For some of us, a basic or moderate pair of binoculars that costs less than $100 or $150 is all we need. That being said, there are some excellent options in the under $100 price point that are worth a look at.

And after extensive research on the subject and field testing some of the binoculars under 100 dollars, we have come up with a list. A list of the best compact binoculars under 100 and under 150 dollars.

So, whether you are a newbie or a veteran in the binoculars world, tag along with me as we explore how to find the best cheap binoculars with quality.

OUR TOP 3 Bino Under 100 Dollars Pick

adasion 12x42 binoculars
adasion 12x42 binoculars

Best Value

  • Field Of View : 367ft/1000yds
  • BAK4 Prism Lens Binoculars
  • Smartphone Mount compatible
bushnell h2O binoculars
bushnell h20 binoculars

High End

  • Field Of View : 305ft/1000yds
  • BAK4 Prism Lens Binoculars
  • O ring sealed and nitrogen purged (100% waterproof, fogproof)

OUR TOP 2 Bino Under 150 Dollar Pick

nikon 8250 aculon a211 16x50 binocular
nikon 8250 aculon a211 16x50 binocular

Best Value

  • Field Of View : 220ft/1000yds
  • BAK4 Porro Prism Binoculars
  • lead and arsenic free Eco-Glass
Note: Price may vary more or less

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Low Cost Binoculars

Frankly speaking, cheap things are never good, this is somewhat true for binoculars. Nevertheless, it is possible to get a decent binocular for less than 100 dollars or slightly more or less under 200 dollars.

Needless to say, the binoculars in this price range are not the best like the rangefinder binoculars which are more than $1000. In this regard, there are somethings you should be ready to compromise on when you decide to shop in this price range.

The trick is knowing what to compromise on and what not to. Let us look at some of the important things you should look for in a budget binocular.

If you need more cheaper than 100 dollars there some entry level cheap bino out there which I listed here

best binoculars under 100 dollar


The magnification of most binoculars in the under $100 price point range from 6X to 15X. Choosing the right magnification will be critical.

magnification of binoculars

In my experience, the best compact binoculars under 100 are those with a magnification of 8X paired with a 42 mm objective lenses diameter.

A higher magnification in this price range may result in poor image quality. Thus, I recommend sticking with a magnification of between 6X and 10X.

Porro Prism or Roof Prism

Roof prism binoculars are rare to find in the below 100 dollars price point. The reason being that roof prism binoculars are expensive to manufacture. Additionally, prism specific coatings are rare at this price point.


Traditional Porro prism binoculars dominate the under 100 price point. Therefore, it is better to invest in a Porro prism binocular in this price point than a roof prism one. However, if you do get a roof prisms binocular, I recommend settling on it.

Coating Types

Anti-reflective coatings are used to minimize glare and improve brightness. A binocular can either be multi-coated or fully multicoated. Fully multicoated is always better.

However, fully multicoated binoculars tend to be more expensive. Therefore, in this price range, you might have to settle for multi-coated. Nonetheless, if you do find one that is fully multicoated go for it.

Glass Type

Binoculars that cost less than 100 feature either a Bak-7 or a Bak 4 prisms glass. While Bak-7 glass is more common at this price point, there are some that feature the Bak-4 glass. Thus, the best binoculars under $100 have a Bak-4 glass.



How durable a binocular should be will depend on what you want to use it for. Most binoculars that cost less than 100 are either waterproof or fogproof.

For birdwatching purposes, you can forgo, one of the two. However, for hunting purposes, I highly recommend getting binocular that is both fog and waterproof. In fact, the best hunting binoculars under 100 should be waterproof and fog proof.

Summary Of What To Look For In a Best Binoculars Under 100 Dollars

The most important aspect of a quality binocular is durability and the quality of glass.

In this price range under 100 or 150 USD, it will be not wise to think of getting Swarovski or Leica glass but can you still find a decent glass in your budget.

For that reason always check is the lens is fully multicoated or not. The more its coated the more is better.

To check simply observe the objective lenses and if i see red, green, purple or even any other reflection then you are holding a coated lens. If there's no artificial reflection or clear glass then the bino has no coating in its glass.

Also, try to get BAK 4 prisms glass and check the durability features. Whether it waterproof, shockproof, fully rubberized housing, and so on.

if you can afford more than 200 dollar but can not exceed above 300 price range then try these binoculars under 300 picks.

The Best Binoculars Under 100 Reviews

Gosky 10x42 Binoculars for Adults

gosky 10x42 binoculars

The awesome thing about the Gosky 10X42 is that it features the roof prisms design. It is rare for find a roof prism binocular costing less than 100 dollars especially one with a 10x magnification.

Apart from the prism design, this Gosky unit also boasts of fully multi-coated optics, which are also rare at this price point. And the awesomeness does not end there; this binocular weighs 23 ounces making it one of the lighter options in this price range. The exterior is covered with a rubberized armor that protects it from harsh weather conditions.


  • The 10X magnification and 40 mm objective lens are the perfect combo for delivering a wide field of view, which stands at 307 ft at 1000 yards.
  • This binocular is comfortable to use with or without eyeglasses thanks to its twist-up and down adjustable eyecups.
  • Exit Pupil Diameter is 5 mm
  • The quick alignment smartphone mount allows mounting of a smartphone to take photos
  • The front threads on this binocular allow for the use of a tripod.


  1. It is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry
  2. Comes with multi coated optics for bright clear images
  3. It features a rubberized exterior that protects it from harsh weather
  4. Can be used with or without eyeglasses
  5. Comes with a carrying case to make it easy to transport


  1. Does not have the straps attached
  2. It is not fog proof


This Gorsky is hands down the best compact binoculars under 100. And thanks to its unique features, it is suited for a wide range of applications. Some the applications it is suited for include birding, hunting, wildlife watching and even hiking. Thus it is a binocular I recommend to anyone looking to buy a quality binocular without having to break the bank.

Wingspan Optics Spectator 8X32 : Best Birding Binoculars Under 100 Dollars

Wingspan Optics Spectator 8X32

The first thing I noticed about the Wingspan Optics Spectator 8X32 is how small it is. In fact, the binoculars could almost fit on the palm of my hand. Additionally, I was able to fit this pair of binoculars in my pocket. Despite its small size, this binocular proved to be a worthy investment.

A look through its lenses and it was clear that Wingspan used Bak-4 glasses in making the glass prism, which was surprising considering most manufacturers use Bak-7 glass. Another thing that surprised me about this binocular is that it has a roof prism design.


  • The rubber exterior of the binocular has a non-slip grip making it easy to hold the binoculars
  • Though not as powerful as that of the Gorsky, the objective lens and magnification combo on this bino deliver a great field of view.
  • Exit Pupil Diameter is 4 mm
  • The center focus wheel is big enough to turn even with gloved hands
  • The twist up eye cups guarantees a comfortable viewing experience with or without eyeglasses.


  1. It is easy to carry thanks to its lightweight and compact design
  2. It is built to withstand the occasional drop and knock
  3. It comes fitted with a lens cover to protect the lenses
  4. Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee


  1. It is not waterproof
  2. Does not come with fully multi-coated optics


Due to its compact design and magnification, this binocular is best suited for birdwatching. It is, therefore, the ideal choice for anyone looking for the best affordable birdwatching binocular. And given that it is considered one of the best birding binoculars under 100, it is worth purchasing. Apart from bird watching, this binocular can also be used for wildlife watching.

Celestron Skymaster Giant 15x70: Best Binoculars For Astronomy Under 100

Celestron - SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars

It is said, when the deal is too good, think twice. This is true for many things, and the Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15X70 binoculars are not one of them. Costing less than 100 dollars, this titan of a binocular offers an impressive 15X of magnification. There are many things I loved about this giant binocular.

But the things that stood out for me were first how clear and bright the images appeared. In addition to this, the focus was fast, and zooming had enough fluidity to maintain my target. And while it does not deliver the same clarity as a telescope, I found that it came very close.


  • The huge 70 mm objective lens performed well in low lighting conditions and is best suited for long-range viewing
  • Exit Pupil 4.7 mm
  • A 15X magnification is more than enough for long-range viewing
  • A tripod adapter is included which it makes easy to attach it to a tripodThough not fully multi-coated optics, the multi-coated optics deliver a clear, bright and crisp viewing experience.


  1. It offers outstanding value for your money
  2. It uses bak-4 porro prism glass for bright clear images
  3. Comes with a long eye relief of 15 mm
  4. It is waterproof


  1. It is quite heavy and cannot be used without a tripod
  2. The center focusing knob tends to be unstable


Generally speaking, this pair of binoculars was built for astronomy enthusiasts, hence its impressive magnification. Nonetheless, it can be used for wildlife watching as well. Only that it must be used with a tripod. Overall, this binocular is best suited for astronomy, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching terrestrial bodies.

Kylietech 12X42: Best Binoculars For Wildlife Viewing Under 100

Kylietech 12X42 Binoculars for Adults


Though not as big as the Celestron the Kylietech 12x42 I still a sight to behold, especially when you consider its price tag. Being a roof prism binocular, it delivers a sharp and bright image quality.

But that’s not all, its offers a better optical performance compared to its more gigantic rival. Furthermore, unlike most of the other binoculars on this list, it is both waterproof and fog proof. It also comes fitted with a smartphone adapter, which is a big plus for a binocular of its price.


  • The binoculars is easy and comfortable to use with or without eyeglasses thanks to its adjustable twist-up eyecups.
  • Compared to the magnifications of other binoculars on this list, the 12X magnification on this one is more than impressive.
  • Thanks to the 42 mm objective lens you get a wide 330 ft at 1000 yards field of view.
  • It is hard to find binoculars with fully multi-coated optics in this price point, and the Kylietech is one of the few.
  • This binocular can be attached to a tripod and can also accommodate a smartphone.


  1. Given its magnification, this binocular is quite compact
  2. Comes with fully multi-coated optics for clear and bright images
  3. It has a rubber amour that protects from harsh weather
  4. Comes with a wide field of view of 330 ft at 1000 yards


  1. It is a little tough to focus


This binocular is best suited for wildlife watching. Thus, if you are planning a tour of the Serengeti or some other similar place I highly recommend this pair of binoculars. Since it also comes with a tripod socket, it can be used with a tripod. This makes it also ideal for bird watching.

Best 10x42 Binoculars Under $100: Bushnell H2O Roof Prism Binocular

bushnell h20 binoculars

In my experience, Bushnell produces some of the best deer hunting binoculars on the market, and the Bushnell H2O binocular is no exception. This binocular comes with several awesome features.

To start with, it feels and looks very well made, and its soft textured rubber exterior makes it feel comfortable to hold. Unlike some of the other binoculars on this list, this one features Bak-4 prism glass. And as such, you can expect excellent viewing characterized by vibrant colors and superior sharpness.


  • The fully multi coated lenses offer crisp and clear images and excellent light transmission
  • The glass on this binoculars are made from Bak-4 prism glass which is of better quality compared to the more common Bak-7 glass
  • This is the perfect magnification and objective lens combo for hunting purposes
  • Exit Pupil Of 4.2 mm
  • Large center focus knob. The center focus knob is large enough to make adjusting the focus easy and quick.


  1. Offers sharp, vibrant and clear images thanks to the fully multi coated optics
  2. The rubber exterior guarantees a firm grip and shock resistance
  3. It features O-ring seal meaning that it is water and fog proof
  4. It is sold with a soft carrying case to make it easy to carry
  5. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  1. Does not have lens caps included
  2. It has a short eye relief


If you are looking for the best hunting binoculars under 100, then you have found it. This bushnell h2o waterproof fogproof roof prism unit is made with hunters in mind. From the tough rubber amour to its magnification, everything about this binocular is designed for hunting purposes. Thus, it is the perfect binocular for any hunter looking for the best affordable binocular.

Adasion 12X42 Binoculars for Adults 

adasion 12x42 binoculars

I have reviewed and quite many budget binoculars. And in my opinion, few can match the quality of the Adasion 12X42 Binoculars for Adults. For starters, this is a roof prism binocular meaning that its optical performance does not match that of some of its rivals.

Moreover, the 12X magnification is quite impressive for a binocular in this price range. But what makes this binocular really special is its limited night vision capabilities. Compared to other binoculars on this list, this adasion unit proved to be more than capable of performing in low visibility. In a nutshell, the features of this binoculars do not appear below in its price point.


  • The twist up eye cups offer the kind of comfort you would expect from a high end binocular.
  • These binoculars offer a bright and crisp view thanks to its fully multi-coated optics.
  • Thanks to this rather large objective lens, the binocular boasts of impressive light transmission.
  • In keeping true to its superior quality, Adasion used Bak-4 prism glass.


  1. Weighing 1.25 pounds, it is quite lightweight
  2. Comes with a cleaning cloth
  3. It is both waterproof and fog proof
  4. The non-slip rubber armor provides a firm grip
  5. Can be used at night as well as during the day


  1. It is not suited for short distance focusing
  2. Tends to become blurry in full zoom


The manufacturer of the binocular markets it as a best budget binocular for birdwatching and hunting. Its compact design, high magnification, and limited night vision capabilities make it a decent option for hunters. It is actually one of the best budget binoculars for hunting due to its features and rubberized exterior that makes it easy to grip in different weather conditions.

The Best Binoculars Under 150

As is evident from my list, there are some pretty fantastic binoculars in the under $100 price range. That being said, there are more amazing binoculars in the under 150 price point. My top picks in this price range are;

Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars

Vortex Optics Diamondback Roof Prism Binoculars


The Vortex Diamondback is among the most common binocular brands out there. There are quite a number of Diamondback configurations out there. And the cheapest is the 8X28 mm one. Needless to say, the 8X28mm Diamondback is smaller than its more powerful siblings.

However, it maintains the optical quality that the Diamondback name is known for. It has the same fully multi coated lenses and hinges design as its pricier siblings. As such, apart from the price, there is nothing major separating it and the other Diamondback.


  • With fully multi coated optics you are guaranteed a sharp, clear and bright viewing
  • The eyecups on this binocular are adjustable to accommodate different users
  • The inside is filled with argon which prevents entry of fog making it both water and fog proof.
  • Exit Pupil lens Diameter 3.5mm
  • The magnification combined with a 28mm objective lens delivers an impressive 332 ft at 1000 yards field of view.


  1. Features non-slip indent for a secure non-slip grip in all kinds of weather
  2. Has a long eye relief of 18 mm
  3. It is lightweight and compact making it easy to carry
  4. Has fully multi coated lenses for bright and clear viewing
  5. Has the widest field of view in its price point


  1. The case it comes with is too big
  2. Does not perform well in low light


Vortex has long been considered one of the best hunting binocular brands. As such, this Vortex Diamondback with its compact design is suited for hunting. It is one of the best hunting binoculars under 100 to 150 dollars.

Celestron 71332 Nature DX 8x42 Binocular

celestron skymaster giant 15x70 binoculars

One of the best binoculars under 150, the Celestron 71332 Nature DX is an inexpensive roof prisms binocular with some surprising features. For starters, it has fully multi coated lenses, and phase corrected Bak-4 prism glass.

Also, this compact binocular has one of the best fields of views in this price range, which stands at 388 ft at 1000 yards. And despite its 8X magnification, it can focus on things as close as 6.5 ft, which is really impressive.


  • With a magnification of 8X and a 42 mm objective lens, the binocular has a fantastic field of view.
  • The fully multi-coated optics offer a sharp and bright viewing experience
  • Exit Pupil lens Diameter is 5.25 mm
  • The Bak-4 prism glass improves light transmission for a sharper and more detailed images
  • The twist up eye cups makes it a comfortable choice for both eyeglass wearers and those who do not wear eyeglasses.


  1. It is a truly versatile binocular that has a wide range of applications
  2. It is an affordable binocular considering its features
  3. It is lightweight and compact
  4. Has a rubberized and tough exterior
  5. Comes with a long 18mm eye relief


  1. At full magnification images tend to appear blurry
  2. Adjusting the width of the eyepieces feels fiddly


When it comes down to it, the Celestron DX is a great budget binocular for birdwatching. Nevertheless, thanks to its compact design and impressive field of view it can also be used by hunters. In particular, it appeals to beginners and intermediate hunters.

Vortex Optics Crossfire Roof Prism Binoculars

Vortex Optics Crossfire Roof Prism Binoculars


The sleek, compact design was the first thing I noticed about the Vortex Optics Crossfire Binoculars. The next thing I found interesting about it was the objective lens caps, which are fixed using rubber tethers meaning you do not have to worry about losing them. Rubber amour has become standard for almost all binoculars.

And given that this is one of the best hunting binoculars under 150, its rubber exterior felt comfortable to hold. On the other hand, the wide grip area makes them comfortable to hold. The binocular performed admirably in bright sunlight and had minimal glare.


  • It does not have the longest eye relief, but it does exceed the standard 15 mm eye relief for people who wear glasses.
  • The 8X and 42 mm configuration is the smallest in the Crossfire series and offers a more compact and easy to use experience
  • Exit Pupil lens Diameter is 5.3mm
  • The rubber armor on this binocular provides a non-slip and comfortable grip even in wet conditions
  • The twist up eye cups offers a unique viewing experience for people who wear glasses and those who do not.


  1. Has a great eye relief of 17 mm
  2. It is both fog and waterproof thanks to its nitrogen purged tubes
  3. Has a wide field of view of 393 ft at 1000 yards
  4. It weighs 23.5 ounces making it one of the lightest on the market
  5. Has close focus distance of 7.5 ft


  1. It tends to fog up slightly especially in damp mornings


With its compact design and impressively wide field of view, the Vortex Optics Crossfire is designed for hunting. Thus, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly pair of hunting binoculars this vortex unit will be an ideal option. It is one of the best budget binoculars for hunting from Vortex.

Nikon 8250 ACULON A211 16x50 Porro Prism Binocular

nikon 8250 aculon a211 16x50 binocular

One of the best things about the Nikon 8250 ACULON is that it has an eco-glass lens. This type of glass enhances the greenery in the image being viewed. And while its Porro prism design looks traditional, there is nothing traditional about it.

Instead of using the cheaper Bak-7 glass, Nikon opted for the Bak-4 prism glass, which is far much better. In addition to this, the matte black finish of the binocular looks sleek and inconspicuous. Thus, it is hard for it to get noticed while outside. It comes with a neck strap and a tripod mount.


  • Multicoated Bak-4 Porro prism glass: The optical performance of this binocular is excellent, to say the least as it delivers sharp and bright images
  • Eco-glass lenses: The eco-glass coating is lead and arsenic free meaning that not only does it deliver sharp and bright viewing but is also environmentally friendly
  • Exit Pupil lens Diameter is  3.1 mm
  • Twist-up eyecups: The twist-up eyecups guarantee a comfortable viewing experience
  • Center focus knob: The center focus knob is easy to adjust.


  1. It is both fog and waterproof
  2. Has a decent eye relief of 0.5 inches
  3. The center focus knob is easy to adjust
  4. It comes with rubber armor for protection and durability


  1. The eyepiece covers are overly big
  2. The carrying case is somewhat small


With a 16X magnification and a 50 mm objective lens and eco glass, this nikon aculon a211 binocular is a nature lover’s best friend. The fact that it accentuates the green in vegetation is a big plus for any nature lover. Another big plus is that it has a tripod stand meaning you can attach it to a tripod for more stable viewing.


The best binoculars under 150 dollars are not always easy to identify. Especially because this price range is flooded with all kinds of binoculars. However, with the right information finding a good quality binocular is not that hard. The binoculars reviewed above offer exceptional quality and optical performance while at the same time being affordable.

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